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Danaë of Selia

"That woman is enchanting. Could almost get me believing in this Selia of hers."
-a dignitary from the City-State of Dara
  Danaë of Selia, originally known as Danaë of Denato, is a famed Avadian courtesan, and the current leader of Selia's Faithful, the highest class of sacred courtesans in the Avadian Sovereignty. Some of the most influential people in the Calinan Sea have travelled from as far as Tenun and Kas to enjoy her company.   Danaë is said to be one of the sharpest minds in Arikanda and a legendary beauty. Furthermore, she has a reputation as a warm and kind individual who clients can easily open up to. She keeps her clientele to a few long-term arrangements with select men and women, and provides a 'girlfriend experience' of sorts to these clients, her time, insight and company seen as even more important than the more physical aspects of a client relationship.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Danaë is in good health, and is both fit and curvy.

Identifying Characteristics

Danaë is known for her intricately-braided auburn hair and bright, emerald-coloured eyes.

Apparel & Accessories

Danaë dresses simply but well, wearing a purple peplos that leaves her arms bare. She wears silver armbands and anklets, but other than this avoids excessive jewelry, and wears light makeup.  

Danaë's typical garb

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Danae was born in the city of Denato in southwestern Arikanda to a family of sugarcane farmers. After turning twenty, she opted to find a career outside of her parents' shadow. This drew her to the local Temple of Selia, who Danaë had always felt a certain connection to, where she first worked as a housekeeper before being intrigued by the work of Selia's sacred courtesans. As she spent more time with them, she grew fascinated, and eventually decided to enter into the profession herself.   After discovering she had quite a talent for her job and also enjoyed it, she decided to take the next step and join the famed Selia's Faithful, a group of courtesans operating out of Selia's Lagoon in the Beyan Archipelago. After saving up enough to make the move, she was able to charter a ship there, where she was inducted into the Faithful. She took well to the additional education and instruction provided by the other Faithful and visitors to the Lagoon, developing a sharp mind and a reputation as a fascinating conversationalist and confidante, even beyond her legendary beauty and formidable seductive qualities.   As Danaë's reputation grew, she became one of the most sought-after companions among the Faithful, and amassed a clientele including the wealthiest merchants and magistrates in the Sovereignty. It is even said that some Archons of Tanorite and Sapphran city-states have sought her out to enjoy her company and to seek her wisdom on certain matters.   Three years ago, after the passing of the last leader of the Faithful, she was elected as the next leader, and now oversees all their operations.




As part of her training as a Faithful, Danaë received an extensive education from senior Faithful, Avadian priests and renowned philosophers who visited Selia's Lagoon. This gave her a deep knowledge in fields such as philosophy, logic, history, political discourse and theology. She was also schooled in the art of conversation, and is trained in song, dance, the lyre, and flute.
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Neutral Good
Current Location
Date of Birth
Lowsun 21, 432
Emerald green
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
60 kgs
Known Languages
In addition to Avadian, Danaë can speak Sapphran and Tanorite fluently.
Ruled Locations

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