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Denato is a colony of the Avadian Sovereignty and the largest city in the region of Kayor, on the southwestern coast of Arikanda. It is famed for its production of sugarcane and rum.


As an Avadian colony, most of the population are ethnically and culturally Avadian and are the descendants of Avadians settlers. There is also a considerably Heartlander presence, and a sizable Tanorite presence.


Officially Denato is an Avadian holding and as such is administered and ruled by the Viceroy of Kayor, who reports back to the Avadian Admiralty. In practice, the Viceroy serves more as a liaison than an actual ruler, and most decisions are 'recommended' to the Viceroy by the populace. Similarly to the Beyan Archipelago, most of these decisions are reached via a democratic consensus; however, unlike the Archipelago, there is no weighted voting and all citizens have an equal voice.

Industry & Trade

By far the most important trade in Denato is the refining of sugarcane into sugar. The real boon to the Denatan economy however is the production of rum, which is considered ubiquitous throughout the Sovereignty both at home and aboard vessels, making Denato almost as rich as Freemarket or Port Avadia itself.


When the Avadian Sovereignty decided to expand onto the Arikandan mainland in 792 DoM, Denato was the first prospective colony visited by Avadian scouts. Located in an isolated bay at the mouth of the Caro River, it was considered an ideal spot to set up a colony. In addition, the vast fields of sugarcane nearby was soon discovered to be a source of a delicious new resource that would be enjoyed by the populace of the home islands and envied by the other settlements the Avadians traded with. So it was that the settlement flourished, and as the Avadian Colonies expanded, it became a key port for access to and from the new holdings.


Denato is a popular place to pass through, as it is an easy access point to and from the Avadian colonies. Being connected to Freemarket by river, it is a frequent stopping point for convoys transporting goods to and from the Beyan Archipelago and as a result has boomed. Its many rum distilleries have also become something of a pilgrimage for Avadians with more money than sense, and the proximity to the rainforests of Kayor make it a popular home base for a trek into the wilderness for adventurers.


Being a somewhat newer city than Port Avadia, Denato is still built somewhat in the Avadian style of whitewashed limestone buildings; however, in recent centuries they have also adopted a unique flavour of their own, being painted in pastel colours of blue, pink, red and yellow. It also benefits from improvements in city planning, with streets planned out prior to construction rather than simply cutting through convenient spaces between buildings.


Denato is built on a shallow bay. It is mainly surrounded by subtropical rainforest, with vast sugarcane fields to its northern edge. The Caro River runs through Denato, providing freshwater and access via water all the way from Freemarket in the north.

Natural Resources

The two most prominent resources in Denato are teak wood from the local rainforest and sugarcane from the vast sugarcane fields on the outskirts of Denato. The rainforests are also source to a number of fruits.
Founding Date
792 DoM
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