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"Sailors! Welcome to Port Avadia, finest city in the world. Many of you are familiar with this place already, and some of you Colonials are no doubt staring in disbelief at the wonder before you. Quite a long stretch from Freemarket and Talrid, am I right?"   -Brysos of Avadia, Captain of Phoenix Company
  Located on Isla Avadia, the largest island in the Beyan Archipelago, Port Avadia is the capital city of the seafaring nation known as the Avadian Sovereignty. Built on a protected bay and guarded by the largest navy in the known world, trade vessels flow in and out of the city at all hours of the day, spreading goods to and from the other Avadian islands, their colonies in the southwest of Arikanda, and cities and strange lands both on the continent and beyond the mysterious reaches of the Calinan Sea.


The vast majority of residents in Port Avadia are ethnic Avadians, although in recent centuries there has been an influx of immigrants from the Avadian Colonies. The most prominent professions are sailors, fishermen and traders, with a thriving artisan presence as well. Small populations of Sapphrans and Tanorites are present in the city as well.   A large number of visitors pass through the city; primarily Tanorites and Sapphrans, but a good number of Heartlanders, Magantines and even travelers from as far afield as Kas do business in the city.


As the core of the Avadian Sovereignty, Port Avadia is directly administered by the Admiralty, the board of Captains and merchants who wield the most influence and power in the city. The Admiralty represent various crews, trade outfits, craftsmen and associations of common people, and serve as a representative republic of sorts.


Most of Port Avadia's defense is provided in its home navy, fleets of warships committed to the protection of the city itself. Twenty warships patrol the bay around Avadi's Harbour at all times, while up to a hundred more can be called in from the nearby islands alone. The city itself is encircled by large stone walls that extend around the entire city, with the only access points being gates and Avadi's Harbour itself. Other defenses consist of regular guard posts, towers and archers.

Industry & Trade

Port Avadia is the single most important trade city in Arikanda, and the majority of its residents are involved in trade in some shape or form. By being able to travel via sea, the city can both transport goods from one end of the continent to the other and import them to their own colonies for overland transport. As a hub of sea transport, the fleets calling Port Avadia home can source exotic goods from the mysterious lands across the Calinan and Sapphire Seas, and even trade with peoples in west and north Arikanda who Helikans and Kalriv cannot easily reach.


The most prominent infrastructure serving Port Avadia are its many harbours set up at several points in the city. The most prominent of these is Avadi's Harbour, a double harbour which is the key access point to the city. The city is also served by a number of sprawling roads and streets.


Port Avadia is divided into a number of districts; some relatively new, with others dating back to the time of the Sealords. The most prominent districts are;   Avadi's Harbour is the primary harbour on the western end of the city, servicing the city and the nexus of most trade into and out of Port Avadia. The harbour is connected to the ocean via a rectangular water corridor which then broadens out into a ring of water carved into the land. The district itself consists of the harbour and various businesses, tavernae and authorities on the lands themselves.   Northport, a smaller harbour off the northern shores.   Maura's Ward, the commercial hub of the city and the largest collection of commercial enterprises in the world. It is home to near-endless shopfronts and merchant homes, with its crowning jewel being the vast Xiran Markeys.   The Temple District is a section of the city housing the temples of the many Avadian gods, ranging from the larger temples of major gods such as Avadi and Meikat all the way to small shrines dedicated to the less prominent deities in the pantheon.   Craftsman's Fair, a district dedicated to the various artisans and crafters within the city, from woodworkers and blacksmiths all the way to jewellers and shipwrights.   Lyano’s Quarter, a residential district for the middle classes.   Acano Beach, a walled-off community on the northeastern side of the city reserved for the wealthy and influential.

Points of interest

Despite its lower population in comparison to the other capital cities of Arikanda, Port Avadia is home to a number of prestigious landmarks and wonders that inspire awe.   The Xiran Markets is the largest marketplace in all of Arikanda, built in a repurposed hippodrome and filled with both permanent stores and countless stalls, with goods from as far as Fenali, Solathi, Var Kalriv and Kas. It is arguably the heart of not only the Avadian Sovereignty's commerce operations, but arguably the economies of countless city-states.


Boardwalks and piers criss-cross the entire waterfront. Further back, most homes and businesses are stone and brick, painted in pastel colours. Slate roofs are common, as are arches and towers. Homes are often mixed in with businesses, and in some cases double as both. Some of the more affluent homes and taverns have taken to being partially built underground to provide cool, sheltered locations, and all Referendum Houses in Port Avadia are built deep underground.


Port Avadia is built on a natural harbour with deep water, allowing direct access to the ocean. It is set on a flat coastal plain with few trees. A prominent river is about ten kilometres away from the city itself.
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