Xiran Markets

The Xiran Markets are the largest marketplace in Arikanda, and only second to the Sembarine Bazaar in Kas in terms of the world. The marketplace is built in the middle of Maura's Ward in the city of Port Avadia.

Purpose / Function

The Xiran Markets were originally a great hippodrome during the early days of the Avadian Sovereignty, under the reign of the Sealords of Avadia, and were used for chariot races. The hippodrome was repurposed shortly after the commercial boom that followed the Sovereignty's expansion throughout the Calinan Sea and is now an enormous marketplace where just about anything can be found.


The original hippodrome that made up the Xiran Markets is an open-air rectangular building about 600 metres in length, with curved semicircular walls at the far north and south. The walls and supporting structure are built from limestone blocks, and the building is accessible through three great arches which have been cut in the side of each of the west and east walls. The bench seats which made up the original audience areas for the hippodrome have been kept and serve as a way for people to meet and gather without clogging up the main thoroughfares. The ground is mainly earth that has been evened out into a walking surface over many centuries.


What would become the Xiran Markets was built by the Sealord Anando in 911 DoM, who had developed an interest in chariot racing during travels in his youth to Tanoron and wanted to introduce the sport to the Avadians. The people of Isla Avadia however did not share their Sealord's passion for chariot racing, and after his death the hippodrome lay unused for decades. After the Avadians began trading and forming ports all over the Calinan Sea in the later half of the 8th Century, commerce boomed and new mercantile operations sprung up at incredibly speed to take advantage of the new goods being brought into and out of the city. While wealthy merchants could afford the land to set up their own shops, others had to operate with smaller, temporary stalls.

All records suggest that one day, a stall was simply set up in the abandoned hippodrome, then one, then another. By the time the Avadian Admiralty had been made aware of the booming presence, there was already a sizable community of traders settling in the hippodrome, and when asked to move, they protested. Furthermore, on investigating further, the Admiralty found that the stalls were increasing the flow of trade into and out of the city, and so they agreed to allow traders to continue to operate. Over the decades, more and more stalls set up, forming makeshift lanes and thoroughfares, and more foreign traders and local patrons kept visiting until the markets became arguably the busiest part of the city outside of Avadi's Harbour.
Even several centuries into the Three Empires era, the Xiran Markets compound remains the most important commercial centre on the continent, and is indeed every bit as chaotic and lively as it ever was.


As the largest market in Arikanda, the Xiran Markets see thousands of traders from all over the known world come through to purchase wares and sell their own. The marketplace contributes greatly to Port Avadia's economy both through the trade carried out and by foreign visitors patronising other businesses and accomodations in the city during their visits.
Founding Date
911 DoM
Market square
Owning Organization

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