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Campus of Peace

"The Campus of Peace is the beating heart of law and order in Port Avadia. Doesn't matter if you want to train to be a guard, if you're about to get tried for piracy or if you accidentally destroyed Master Grimrump's greenhouse, it all goes through there."
-Brysos of Avadia, explaining the Campus' role to a Mayokan visitor
  The Campus of Peace is an enclosed compound and the operational headquarters of the Avadian Admiralty's Council of Peace. A multi-purpose building, it is dedicated to the administration of justice and law enforcement in the Avadian Sovereignty and specifically the home island of Isla Avadia.   It is located in Port Avadia's Admiralty district, within close range to other government and bureaucratic apparati.   There are many Campuses of Peace spread throughout the Avadian Sovereignty, with each large town or colony usually having one, but by far the most prominent is the Campus of Peace in Port Avadia, and when the phrase is used without further justification, it can safely be said that this is the one they mean.

Purpose / Function

As the centre of justice and law enforcement, the Campus is multi-faceted. Its most well-known feature are the civil courts where trials are held, but there are other facilities dedicated to law and order on site. These include;
  • The civil courts, a number of enclosed halls where trials are held. These include both serious crimes, which are held before a jury from the populace, and minor crimes/disputes, which are held before a magistrate.
  • The Archive of Peace, where Avadian legal documents are stored.
  • The College of Peace, where magistrates and law enforcement officers receive training and instruction in administration of the law.
  • Guard Headquarters, where the guard force of Isla Avadia conducts its operations and administration from.


As the Sovereignty and Port Avadia have expanded over the years, it has become necessary for the Campus to expand. To this end, many new courthouses have been constructed on the campus, along with new training grounds, attaches and floors for the College of Peace.


The Campus is a self-contained square-shaped complex, surrounded by a perimeter wall constructed of sharpened logs. The ground has been tamed into a somewhat orderly lawn, with cobblestone paths connecting the various buildings to each other.   The courthouses are built of fired bricks and are circular, with the focus set on a central floor where prosecutor and defendant can make their cases. The Archive of Peace, a large cylindrical structure, is built on the centre of the complex, and is constructed of limestone block. The College of Peace is a series of square brick and wood classrooms and stone amphitheatres on the southern end of the complex, while the Guard Headquarters is an imposing four-storey rectangular stone building visible from some distance from the complex.


The Campus of Peace traces its origins to the shifting of power from the Sealord of Avadia to the Avadian Assembly in the 8th Century DoM. Prior to this, laws were implemented by magistrates who were subordinate to the Sealord, and they operated out of the palace complex, being the adminstrative headquarters at the time. With the change in law enforcement to civil servants who answered to the Assembly, there was a need for them to have their own dedicated area to carry out their day to day functions.   Initially this involved a single courthouse, but as the Sovereignty expanded, so too did its needs. The law tablets that constituted the basis of Avadian law were moved to their own library building in the 7th Century DoM, and by the 6th Century, the guard had moved its headquarters there due to its close work with the judiciary. Finally, as the role continued to expand, specialised schools were installed on campus to train the next generation of magistrates and guards.
Founding Date
778 DoM
Government complex
Parent Location
Owning Organization

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