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Industry & Trade

Am stands as the second largest port city in the Merchant States of the Twin River, shadowed only by the capital of Centrum. As such, there is a vast variety and quantity of goods that pass through the city on a daily basis, meaning immense revenue into the city from taxes and tariffs.   Furthermore, Am's reputation as the 'City of Everything' draws in flocks of both new inhabitants looking for a part of the cities prosperity, as well as visitors looking to indulge in their various desires.

Guilds and Factions

The preeminent guild within the walls of Am is the Twin Rivers Merchant Guild, who houses their main office in the city due to its more favorable taxes than the capital of Centrum.   There are rumors in the seedier districts of Am that the criminal organization Ouroboros operates heavily out of Am, making use of its central location on the western coastline, and low scrutiny for activities to support operation across Thea. A few of the more dangerous rumors suggest that Ouroboros works with the Merchant Guild to acquire some of the less savory, or more sentient goods requested by clients.


A large part of Am's economy is predicated on an constant stream of new visitors. Even within the Merchant States of the Twin Rivers, where it is often said that anything can be bought or sold for the right price, Am has become infamous for being the place where all desires, no matter how vile or depraved, are available with deep enough pockets. To some of the more regular visitors, the sprawling red light district might be one of the tamer reasons to visit the city.


Am sits at the southern end of the Bay of Am, just north and east of the Sheyland Straight, in one of the few low and flat stretches of coastline in the area. A few hours travel either north or south leads to the rugged cliffs that typify most of the region, but Am is surrounded by gently rolling hills and occasional sandy beaches. The North Twin River marks the eastern border of the city.
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