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Come down to Santhelas for a really good time! Good food, great games and fantastic company!

— Santhelas enthusiast

Santhelas is a neighbourhood in the city of Thalor Alari known for being a place of enjoyment and pleasure. Whether your needs for pleasure involves good food, exciting games, or a more carnal experience, you can find it in Santhelas.

They even say you can get Shireon's most used drugs if that's what you want. That is, if you know who to ask...

A Plethora of Pleasures

With its numerous gambling establishments, Santhelas is guaranteed to have a game you enjoy playing. Whether it's cards, or dice, or a nice game of Tewugi, you can always find a game to play, and someone to play with - if you have enough cash for the bets.

I swear, they play with loaded dice. There's no way I could be this unlucky...

— Sore loser

I've never eaten anything this good in all my life.

Or as much. Ugh, I don't think I can walk back...

— Gourmand

Do you know what they have in Santhelas?

The shoes. You know, the shoes. We need to go there!

— Fashionista

Hey there. You look like you're in need of some... company.

Bodily Pleasure

I need to go down to Santhelas to buy some more ataraxia... I mean, salad!

I misspoke! I don't use drugs!

— Ataraxia user

A Cesspool of Crime

Everyone who lives in Thalor Alari knows that the crime rate in Santhelas is significantly higher than in the rest of the city. However, every traveller who isn't familiar with the city is oblivious of the danger.

This is an opportunity Eluin's Shadow know how to exploit.

In fact, the criminal organization run most of the businesses in Santhelas. All the city guards know this. However, all the businesses seem to be run in a completely lawful way. Without any way to track the unlawful activities to the local businesses it's impossible to use the law to stop the crimes.

This is rather infuriating for the local lawbringers, but what can they do?

Going to Santhelas? Watch your pockets, or you'll probably never see its content again.

— Thalor Alari city guard

Crime? In Santhelas? Hah! I've spent months here, and I've never been robbed. Relax, and enjoy your time here!

— Santhelas local, about half an hour before you notice your pockets are empty
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