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Elven Shoe Shop

Once an old upper middle class home, this cobbler's shop in the elven capital city Thalor Alari is known as one of the best places to get really good shoes.

The shop is pretty exclusive, and it seems like there's always a long waiting list to get a pair of shoes made here. In fact, the waiting time is so long that only the most trendy of people really bothers to wait long enough to get a pair. The waiting time might be years in the worst cases. Some have tried to pay their way into an earlier position on the waiting list, but they are quickly disappointed as it doesnt work.

Some alterations have been done to the building to make it into a building suited for cobbling. The wall between the entrance hall and the living room has been torn down, making a large room for a workshop. The two bedrooms are more specialized workshops, for making the soles and (Insertothershoerelatedthinghere). The kitchen is still intact - cobblers need lunch breaks too, after all.


In reality, this is one of the meeting places of the ElvenShoeMafia, an organization working in a similar way as the Ravenous Ravens. Their leader, ShoeMafiaBoss, is the main cobbler of the shop. Shoes made for the mafia looks slightly different from the other shoes made here, but this is near impossible to notice if you don't know what you're looking for. The reason for the long waiting lists are because the mafia cobbler prioritize members of the elven shoe mafia above everyone else.

The building has a secret door to a hidden room where the ElvenShoeMafia can meet and plot their illegal deeds.

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