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Emerald Euphoria

Emerald Euphoria is the go-to place for travellers and adventurers alike who need to take a break. Adventuring is tough. And although it can be both exciting and rewarding, sometimes you just want to forget about the troubles of Adazuri and focus on some fun! Don’t burn out . . . Go to Emerald Euphoria instead. Visit some of the amazing attractions, see live bard performances at your chosen inn, or just relax on the perfectly pristine beaches. Emerald Euphoria is a small island located halfway between Tifwado City and the Emerald Islands. Attractions costs are high, but the experience is worth it.  
Euphoria Amusement Isle
  In the south of the Emerald Euphoria is the Euphoria Amusement Isle. This is a year-long theme park and outdoor festival. Booths line the streets with games of trickery and skill and seafood street snacks and drinks. The main attractions, however, are the rides and immersive games. Some favorites include:  
  • Small Skirmishes: When you step inside, you are transported into a jungle environment and instantly shrink to tiny size. You will go against crittermorphs, now double your size. Your goal is to knock out as many crittermorphs as possible before they knock you out.
  • Ravaging Rollercoaster: You and your friends strap into a cart that will take you through twists and turns throughout the park and beneath the waters. Don’t imagine you can just sit back and relax, Automation Adversaries will be attacking you as you barrel through. The more you successfully dissipate, the more points you earn.
  • Enchanted Carousel: Not one for thrills? Choose an animal to ride on the Enchanted Carousel. Once the ride begins, the illusion of that animal will take over and you will soar through the skies, swim under the oceans, or ride through the trees. Explore the world in the safety of the Enchanted Carousel.
  The number of beaches on Emerald Islands is as numerous as their shoreline. Two of the most popular beaches include Sunshine Shores and Breaker Bluffs. Sunshine Shores is the ideal place to relax with its crystal clear waters and gentle waves. If you swim out far enough, you can view the Bubble Ball and Waikenaki City from below. Breaker Bluffs is for the most experienced surfers and water sport enthusiasts. The waves are large and the rocks, deadly. Go just before sunrise for the best waves.  
Bubble Ball
  If you like to look fancy and dance all night, the Bubble Ball is the place for you. Accessible only by EQ-powered Hollow Fishes, the Bubble Ball is an oxygen-filled transparent globe located underwater. Providing a crystal clear view of the corals and fishes, the Bubble Ball floats above the underwater city of Waikenaki. Dress code at the Bubble Ball is high fashion; masquerade masks are required to enter. Often, there are themes to help vary your costumes, such as “Creatures of the Sea” or “Famous Warriors in Adazuri History”. The Bubble Ball never closes, although peak hours are from sunset to sunrise.  
Clownfish Casino
  If you’re looking to make money fast—or have fun losing a whole lot of it instead—head over to the Clownfish Casino. If you purchase 20 GP in gambling coins, you will gain access to their unlimited buffet and drinks. Try your luck at dice of chance or play some rounds of cards of skill. Watch out for the Easy Euphoria Drink! This concoction lowers your critical thinking process. It makes you more likely to stay and gamble high amounts of money. And less likely to win on any gambling game which requires skill.        
Waikenaki City
Located below the Bubble Ball is the Underwater City of Waikenaki. Although this city is primarily reserved for merfolk and other Folk of the water-breathing variety, it is possible to visit. At Emerald Euphoria you can purchase a Potion of Waterbreathing, which is enhanced to last for twenty-four hours. While there, you can explore the underwater architecture, taste some sea delicacies, and even ride a giant seahorse. Just be sure to return to land before your 24 hour mark, the Merfolk are notorious for ignoring any tourist fool enough to get trapped in their city when their waterbreathing runs out.  
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Aug 2, 2021 21:56 by Ezra Aldrich

This sounds like a super delightful and fun place to visit. The attractions sound unique, especially the Small Skirmishes. I like that they have the potions available for those who want to visit the underwater city.

Aug 11, 2021 02:37 by Cassandra Sojourn

I really like the Small Skirmishes. I think it would be a fun game to do if I have a 5e game in this world.

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Aug 9, 2021 13:11 by A

I like this idea I must say! The way you describe the chosen attractions creates the feeling of a place where you have fun (and relax). I like it also has essentially everything for everyone for what they enjoy. A true leisure city!   The magic in your world is so fantastical, which makes me wonder: What limits does your magic have? Maybe it is because it's a long time since I read your articles but I feel that you have such a free magic use in the world in the way of what it can do.   Also, want to know more about the underwater city of Waikenaki City...

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Thanks so much! I enjoy writing about fun places.   Limits and consequences are something that will come a bit later, as everything during summer camp was pure brainstorming for the world. Gaming wise has the limits that come with 5e (i.e. spell slots, magical foci, spell lists according to class). However, as far as the story goes, I want the mindset that magic is freely available to those who have the will to study. Those who don't want to study can try to get magic from a "god" who has essentially unlimited reserves of magical energy. And there are some that have higher amounts of magical energy and can access power from themselves without use of a focus -- however, that is the most dangerous way to use magic as it can be unpredictable if you haven't learned how to harness it correctly. And if one uses too much magical energy in this way, they can accidentally (or on purpose) tap into their life energy and risk injury or death.   Beyond that, I have an idea for what will essentially be my "fae realm" where all magic users are subjected to chaos magic (wild magic surges) whenever they cast a spell because the magical energy is so potent and unpredictable in the realm.   And I want to write more about Waikenaki.

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