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Roselake is a town on the continent of Valimar. It's on the far northern coast and was once a port for sugar distributors. Once business moved onto the bigger cities, the settlers packed up and left it a ghost town. It wasn't long before all manner of undesirables claimed it for their own, turning it into a hot spot for thrill and pleasure seeking.


The town's mostly made up of social outcasts and criminals. It's common to see uncommon races settled here; tieflings, catfolk, and vishkanya being the most common. Those that ride with the Brass Jackals are among the wealthiest in the town, the next being the merchants who keep Roselake on the map.


There's no official government within Roselake. The Brass Jackals run the town, dealing with everyone and everything that comes in and out of their ports. They take a hefty sum of gold from merchants wishing to sell their wares in town and those that open up a permanent business in Roselake are expected to give fifteen percent of their profits to the gang. Failure to do has dire consequences.

Industry & Trade

Roselake keeps itself afloat from the gold the Brass Jackals scalp from everyone. The illegal trade of weapons and drugs helps more than anyone would like to admit, though to outsiders, it appears that they make their money from fishing and the fur trade.


People are drawn to Roselake because it's a town where anything can happen. Prostitution is rampant and it isn't hard to find a place to gamble all of your gold away. Black market connections hide out among the locals to supply the region's gangs, including the Brass Jackals. Weapons are constantly being moved in and out of the town, so pirates often dock here to load up on gunpowder and other supplies before leaving the continent.   One of the more popular establishments is The Mystique, which is a casino and bar operated entirely by the Brass Jackals. It's the largest casino in Roselake and draws a lot of attention because of its nightly cabaret shows. These shows are hosted by the famous drow drag queen, Betty Brilliance. The Mystique is the classiest joint for tourists who aren't fond of anything less than perfect. If an exciting night with a stranger is what they're looking for, the best brothel in town is the Red River Inn. Whether you like dwarves, tieflings, or elves, the brothel prides itself on having someone for everyone.   The Laughing Bull is a tavern mostly inhabited by pirates who want a quick drink and lay before they're back on the seas. It's a dingy, little place, but the drinks are cheap and entertainment's free. The Codfather is a small shop that appeals to the fishermen in life. Top of line fishing gear can be found here and it's all hand-made by the catfolk codfather himself, Korom con Bao. His wares of expensive, but he can guarantee that they'll last a lifetime...though how long that lifetime is is dependent on his mood.   The Red Boar is a gun range just outside of town. Those who are looking for goods that can't be acquired elsewhere may find what they're looking for in its basement. Tunnels have been carved out, sprawling from the original basement to turn it into an underground market. Drugs, military grade weapons, and stolen treasures can be found here.


Despite the dreariness of its weather, Roselake's architecture is colorful and decorated. A majority of the buildings made from stone due to the floods, which caused untold amounts of damage in the past when the town was first founded. Several wooden homes still stand. While the buildings on their own aren't anything awe inspiring, they're decorated with bright gardens and art from the local artist's guild that settled in Roselake a decade ago. Ornate, wooden signs hang from most of the shops and flyers advertising acts that are in town are scattered everywhere. If it wasn't for its reputation as a den of criminals, the town looks very inviting.


Roselake sits on the coastline, though there is a freshwater lake nearby. The land inside town is muddy due to frequent rain storms, so traveling by foot is the best way to get around. The surrounding area is a thick forest for miles and miles, with only a single road leading to and from the town. Due to Roselake sitting close to sea level, flooding is a problem its residents have to face.
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Den of Jackals
Around 3,000.
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