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The name of this booming settlement means 'The Caverns of Lover(s)". It is not known if the place was named by a local legend where some lovers used to meet in distant cavers outside the city's immediate center, or did the cavern get its name by the activities associated with the place. Nevertheless, this side cavern is booming with life and love-hungry visitors! 


This place is the main concentration of all tieflings and other races in the whole metropolitan area of Zilvraena Noqu'yl. People of all heritage are found here, from tieflings and half-drows to few duergars and even one very famous Illithid (mind-flayer).


The Matron Council of Zilvraena Noqu'yl watches keenly after the small settlement, but House Kilval'tar is the immediate party responsible for the pleasure settlement and the house in question owns it. Yet, they still have to answer to the matron council.

Industry & Trade

This little leisure settlements lives from pleasure. Drinking, sex, gambling, and fighting are the main attractions and main lines of work.


The infrastructure of this settlement is a mess like spiderweb, which might be intentional taking into account that Zilvraena Noqu'yl used to be the capital of all Lolthian drows. Narrow alleyways sprawl around the cavern and it's easy to get lost on the streets.  There are many bars, inns, and taverns, but also gambling dens, pubs and clubs and even a real fighting arena.


The Cavern is a popular weekend getaway place among the citizens of Zilvraena Noqu'yl, both nobleborn and commoners. Nobles have more to choose from, but the settlement also caters to the interest of the commoners with its 'poorer side' of the town. The flashy palaces and sophisticated cocktail parties of the nobleborn in the 'better part' of the settlement are parallel to the rowdy night of drinking and gambling in the 'poorer part' of the town.
Alternative Name(s)
The Cavern of Lovers, or simply The Cavern, or slightly crudely, The Hole
Location under
Owning Organization


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