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Zilvraena Noqu'yl

Zilvraena Noqu'yl, the Forgotten home which is sacred to Drow, as the name is loosely translated, was the capital of The Lolthian Drows for millenia. Then The Turbulence happened and the great city was cut off of the rest of the world when all of the wards protecting the city activated at once. No one could get through the wards, no any kind of magic either. Even divine powers, it has been deducted, were too weak to force their way through the magnificent wards which had been perfected during centuries and kept up by the best mages of the city.
This essentially isolated the city and so it has remained untouched by the rest of the world; once the name was known by all drows, but now the city is only a topic of legends. And inside the wards the life in the city goes on, as how can they be sure what happened during The Turbulence? Perhaps they were the only ones who were saved from the great disaster which fell on Altaros.



The Great wards protect the metropolitan area of the city. The city itself has walls, even though they nowadays are merely a reminder of past.


Before the Turbulence, the city was the melting pot of people, but also the centre of religion, and thus, strictly Lolthian, following the teachings of The Church of the Spider Queen. During the centuries spent away from the Spider Queen's divine sphere of influence, people have slowly began to drift away from the beliefs which no longer hold any other significance than tradition. The Goddess used to answer, but not anymore. Even if they have not forgotten Her ways, they have began to alter them to their liking, when the belief has slowly started to become secular.


As the great, flourishing capital in the old days, Zilvraena Noqu'yl used to draw in people from all over The Underdark, mostly from other drow cities. Nowadays the commoners are the ones to travel to the heart of the city from the distant border areas closer to the ward.

Natural Resources

The city itself, as most drow cities, was built on a huge deposit of magical minerals.
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The Forgotten Home, Sacred to Drow
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