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The Matron Council of Zilvraena Noqu'yl

Nothing goes by the collective eyes and ears of The Matron Council of Zilvraena Noqu'yl.

The matrons of the leading noble families form the matron council of the city. It's current leader is The Matriarch T'risscyrl Noqu'undar.
The Noble houses currently represented in the matron council, in order of power and influence

1. House Noqu'undar
2. House Kilval'tar
3. House Despath'ana
4. House Auvry't'tarzynge
5. House Godeghymar
6. House Arabsek'viir
7. House Barriduis
8. House Hun'iryn
9. House Zauiryn
10. House Aleantlarar
11. House Teken'aterret
12. House Tor'ana
13. House Freani'afin
14. House Rilynett
15. House Maemtor'duis   Other noble houses of the city:
House Melviir, House Myth, House Baenar and House Ken'lyl.
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