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(a.k.a. Drisatriel)

Drozayel is an middle-aged illithid who was found when a renovation was undergoing in Everhdra. They are under the juridistication of The Matron Council of Zilvraena Noqu'yl and acts as an asset of House Kilval'tar because they were found on the area under control of the aforementioned house.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Where Drozayel comes from or how they truly ended up in Zilvraena Noqu'yl is a little bit shrouded in mystery. What they remember is that they had been put under stasis, to wait for an ambush to happen so they could take the unsuspecting drows by surprise, but something went wrong and Drozayel woke up several centuries too late, when he was dug out of his small stasis chamber by a terrified builder on accident. It seems the other mindflayers had already began the attack, a little before The Turbulence happened but for some reason left Drozayel behind. When the city's protective wards activated due to the magical chaos the Turbulence unleashed upon the world, Drozayel stayed in some kind of stasis or hibernation through all of it and was, when they woke up, essentially just as stuck inside the wards as the drows themselves.

The Matron Council of the city had to ponder what to do with this surprising old enemy suddenly surfacing from the ground. They decided that instead of killing the illithid, they could profit from it and thus, Drozayel was allowed to live on the condition that they would stay under The Matron Council's watchful eye. House Kilval'tar took responsibility for the lone mindflayer and promised to look after it, as it had been found on the area of they controlled.

Nowadays Drozayel works in The Ten Tickles Tea House and Arcane Curiosities and sometimes as an advisor role for The Matron Council of Zilvraena Noqu'yl if their 'owner', matron of House Kilval'tar allows it.


Drozayel has been allowed to establish The Ten Tickles Tea House and Arcane Curiosities in the centre of Everhdra. He acts as the owner of the establishment, even though he is more like a mascot of sorts of the tea house, which also offers all sorts of magical knowledge and has couple of VIP lounges in the back if the visitors wish spend their time in more privacy.


Social Aptitude

Drozayel is a very charming mindflayer, but many are afraid of them and for a very good reason, as mindflayers and drows have been battling since time immemorial. It is surprising, though, how many women in the city actually claim to know how well Drozayel can use their tentacles, if you get the drift...

Hobbies & Pets

Drozayel has only one thrall at the moment, a tiefling girl called Felyn.
Current Location
Around middle-aged
They/Them, but is not particular about it.
None, but has 4 face tentacles.
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Aligned Organization


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