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A booming mining settlement situated in the periphery of the greater metropolitan area of Zilvraena Noqu'yl. They are independent on practical matters, but legally the owner of the settlement, the matron of House Auvry't'tarzynge, is responsible to The Matron Council of Zilvraena Noqu'yl.


There are few nobleborns in the city, mainly just some members of family which owns the city. The inhabitants are mainly dark elf commoners and slaves of varying origin.


The matron of House Auvry't'tarzynge is the ruler of the city, but sometimes has to run errands in the inner city, when she leaves someone else, often one of her daughters, in charge.

Industry & Trade

Mining is the lifeline of the town. It wouldn't exist without mining and of course there is a fear what will happen when the veins will be depleted, but for the time being it seems that it's a distant thing to worry about.


The town is small and situated on the sides of an old mining tunnel. The main road runs in the middle of it and continues to smaller tunnels which lead out of the town and eventually, out of the area of Zilvraena Noqu'yl and thus, to the barricade surrounding the great city.


Despite being a small mining town, it is of utmost importance to the economy of Zilvraena Noqu'yl. It is the biggest source of fresh ores and metals, and occasional precious stones, too. The veins in the mining tunnels of Aun'zynge are extremely rich, even richer than they used to be before The Turbulence.  Iron, gold, and silver are plenty.
Alternative Name(s)
The Crypt Ruins, The Deadly Ruins
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Owning Organization


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