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Session 1: Welcome to the Underdark Report

General Summary

And so began the first game of the drow siblings Charadia´stra Hun'iryn and Yaz'zyrral Hun'iryn.

They met with their 'mother', Shrinalin Hun'iryn who gave them a task to visit their palace's great library. Some servants had been complaining about gnawed books and mysterious sightings in the shadows. Some rumors had began to spread and the matron of House Hun'iryn wanted to see what was the matter. Rats, she thought and shrugged the concerns off, but had her descendants to see to it, most probably to just calm the servants down. She also asked the two to bring a package -a book written by a legendary foremother Ginraewe Hun'iryn- to the palace of House Despath'ana.  
  In the library the two didn't to look around for a very long until they found a creature they had never seen before. It looked like a horrible bat-like cat creature and seemed to be of magical origin... or at least it was consuming some. A fight ensued and the siblings emerged victorious, but the library floor suffered in the process. Surprisingly, under one loose floor tile they found an old stash, which contained a hidden book. Charadia'stra recognized it as the spellbook of their grandmother Chasryne Hun'iryn. The delicate but sturdy looking magical lock held the book shut. She remembered her grandmother mentioning a key, which would be hers after she would have passed, but grandmother hadn't specified for which it was, only saying:"You'll find the lock it fits when the time is right." Something happened in the aftermath of grandmother's passing and the key was lost and forgotten, until now. Where would it be?
In The Heart of Underdark
Yaz'zyrral Hun'iryn
Chaotic Neutral Drow (Rakdos Cultist (modified))
Wizard, School of Scribes 6
48 / 48 HP
Charadia´stra Hun'iryn
Report Date
02 Dec 2021
Primary Location

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