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In The Heart of Underdark

A Dungeons & Dragons 5e game In the world of Altaros
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How does an isolated drow city and its inhabitants fare nowadays?

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Sessions Archive

11th Oct 2021

Session 6: In the Library

Looking for more information on flowers, monsters and other important things.

2nd Oct 2021

Session 5: Strange dreams and dutiful studying

Charadia'stra had an odd dream -or was it a dream at all?

17th Sep 2021

Session 4: A Mysterious Message

Yaz'zyrral had gotten a message, asking for a meeting outside the Palace's gates. But from whom, and why, exactly?

10th Sep 2021

Session 3: Urgent! Healer needed!

Matron Godeghymar had sent a message to Charadia'stra, asking for discreet help. But why?

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20th Aug 2021

Session 2: Book delivery!

How is the book delivery going to go? And odd, why would you need to deliver a book, anyway...?

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6th Aug 2021

Session 1: Welcome to the Underdark

So begins the story of the drow siblings in Zilvraena Noqu'yl.

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The Protagonists

Lord Yaz'zyrral Hun'iryn

Chaotic Neutral Drow
Wizard, School of Scribes 6

(Rakdos Cultist (modified))
/ 48