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The Lolthian Drows

They got their name from the Spider Queen, also known as Lolth. These Dark Elves follow the teachings of the Spider Queen and only live in The Underdark, or so most people think.

The Lolthians have been used in historical writing as a perfect example of corrupted, mindless slaves of their goddess. They have gained a stable exposure in the spooky stories and warning fables of heir pale-skinned cousins and even Humans and other races. After The Turbulence happened, no many things have been heard of the Lolthians.

In-Game, until quite recently, Titus Skysong had only heard about dark elves in stories, until he actually saw one in the city of Esharia Beleren. Then, he ended up going to The Underdark and seeing much, much more...

Naming Traditions

Family names

Noble families take the name of their House, but commoners don't tend to have any last names, so they might use an occupational name (for example, 'hunter' or 'tanner' or 'smith') instead.

Other names

Names of the nobleborn tend to be be longer and have more syllables than those of commoners.


Shared customary codes and values

Ruthlessly selfish, blindly zealous, and aggressively sadistic are the three main attributes bestowed upon the Lolthians, especially in the texts of the surface elves. They are led by an evil goddess, so how else would they have any sense of decency in them?

Common Etiquette rules

Men should only speak when spoken to, and sometimes not even then. in social situation, avoiding eye-contact is important way to show that the other one is stronger and the leader in the discussion.

Common Dress code

Women and men alike dress rather lightly, as there is no need for that many layers clothes down in The Underdark. Men wear what their family's women decide is suitable for them. Armors are a normal way to dress, as the Underdark is full of dangers, and not less other drows...

Art & Architecture

The Architecture is eerily elven, but usually drows like to use contrasting stones, like obsidian and marble, in their buildings. Lolthians tend to overuse spider motifs everywhere. Spiders and webs are an important theme in the city-planning.

Common Taboos

Insulkting the Spider Queen means instant death. Usually in a horrible way.


Beauty Ideals

All the elvenkind are beautiful on human standards, but of the elves the drows, or the dark elves, are generally the most beautiful, as they have been selectively breeding for aeons. Women should be taller and curvier than the men, in general, but this varies between individuals. 

[In my world, drow sexes are closer in size to each other than in the original DnD lore where men are generally very short and women very tall. In Altaros, drow men tend to be slightly shorter and lighter than women, but not always so.]

Gender Ideals

The female gender is the ruling, stronger gender. Men are mainly for pleasure and producing offspring. Sometimes they can be used for other purposes, like as meat shields. In general, men are disposable, women are not.


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