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The Underdark

Vast, dark tunnels spreading beneath the continents and seas, deep undergound. It is not commonly known how wide the whole region of The Underdark is, but what is known that it is a dangerous place, even to the ones who live there...


After The Turbulence hit, all the known routes to the Underdark collapsed and nothing was heard from the creatures, mainly The Lolthian Drows living there. Until, very recently... and only by selected few, like Titus Skysong.


The environment in the Underdark is all but welcoming. What doesn't try to eat you, is usually poisonous or venomous or otherwise very unpleasant to run into. Caves are often filled with toxic fumes, poisonous mushrooms, and hungry creatures which have adapted to lurk in the darkness.
The air is usually humid, apart from those caves closer to the lava streams, where the air burns one's lungs. One would think that there should not be lot of fluctuations in the temperatures, but one wouldn't be more wrong. In the lava caves it is too warm to live comfortably and there are some caves which are very chill, if not freezing in temperature. All of this is due to the magical fluctuations caused by The Turbulence which after effects are clearly still be felt in the Underdark. Of course there are some hiccups on the surface, too, but somehow the Underdark has stayed much more unpredictable in the same time where the weather conditions on the surface have almost stabilized. This could be because of the magical concentrations are much more prevalent in the Underdark than on the surface. The ground between the surface and the tunnels of the Underdark could also work as a some kind of barrier for most of the magical energies set into motion during The Turbulence.

Fauna & Flora

Lizards, spiders, and other critters big and small inhabit The Underdark. Many of them are poisonous, venomous or otherwise toxic. If not, they usually have adapted to the living in The Underdark, like with ability to see int he dark, echolocation, horns, claws and so on. Surprisingly, a large portion of the flora and fauna living deep underground has magical tendencies or ways to protect themselves from predators, if compared to the creatures living on the surface. It can be said than in The Underdark everything wants to kill you, and if not kill you outright, usually make you at least a slave first and then torture you before killing you painfully.

Natural Resources

All minerals, jewels and such are an important natural resource. Magical crystals of different colors and properties are also widely sought after by many Underdark traders.


There has not been lot of tourism to the Underdark, or from it, as the Underdark is an inhospitable place. So far, the only tourist to venture into The Underdark willingly is probably Titus Skysong.
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Land Below
Underground / Subterranean
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