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Barrelstalk is the only reed species found in The Underdark. The bulbous growths in the end of their stems above the waterline gave the name to the stalk, as they are filled with potable water when young and small.The water inside the 'barrels' turn poisonous as they mature. 

[The Barrelstalks in The World of Altaros differ slightly from the original DnD lore; my barrelstalks are not fungus but a species of  reed.]

Basic Information

Growth Rate & Stages

The Barrelstalks 'barrels' grow as it ages. The young ones are an important source of pure, filtered water for the travelers in the Underdark. The water is safe to drink as long as you make sure to cut open the small ones and don't give into greed and pick up the bigger ones, as they turn poisonous the older and bigger the barrels grow.

Ecology and Habitats

The Barrelstalk thrives in damp and humid environments, so it's often found near watering holes, ponds and lakes. It grows the best in the shallow water.

Additional Information

Uses, Products & Exploitation

The water inside the barrells is pure, filtered, and safe to drink. Sometimes the barrelstalk is also called 'Traveler's reed' due to this. 
The qualities of the water are also excellent to use in potionmaking as the base liquid.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Found only in The Underdark and it has adapted to the hards and hostile environment there.
Conservation Status
The Barrelstalk is one of the rare underdark species which is not trying to kill you immediately. It's often even planted by the drows for harvesting purposes: the water inside the small barrelstalks
Average Height
The younger barrelstalks are smaller, but as they grow older, they can be even taller than a man and act as good cover from dangers, especially predators. It's difficult to cut through a barrelstalk thicket due to the environment it likes to grow in, but it also grows quickly back, forming new shoots.
Geographic Distribution


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