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Grey Dwarf

Grey dwarves, underdwarves, dark dwarves, duergars... there are many names for this race of twisted dwarves who have lived deeper in The Underdark than the normal dwarves for ages. Unlike many other changes, the race of the grey dwarves was born before The Turbulence, during one of the earlier cycles of Theomachy. Twisted and sadistic, similarly counterpart to their 'normal' cousins as the dark elves are to high elves, the Underdark has made this race so tough and cruel that they will survive in the harsh subterranean conditions.

It was thought that most life in The Underdark was wiped out by The Turbulence and only stories of dark elves and grey dwarves, Illithids and other horrifying creatures were left behind. For centuries they were thought to be just that; bedtime stories to scare kids to behave, making the creatures of the Underdark into something mystical, legendary, products of imagination. Recently Titus Skysong, a young bard and The Herald of the Moon, has witnessed with his own eyes that the inhabitants of the Underdark seem to have been surprisingly hardy and survived the unimaginable. His childhood stories had more truth in them than expected...

Basic Information


The Grey dwarves have a stocky, dwarf-like build. Their skin is greyish, hair often white and eyes dark.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

The grey dwarves see well in the dark.
Less than the dwarves upstairs, approx. 350 years, but it is hard to say if it's only because of the harsh and violent environment of the Underdark.
Geographic Distribution
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