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Esharia Beleren

City of Esharia Beleren lies by the southern side of a mountain.


The city is governed by a council which consists of the two heads of the nouble houses residing in the city -Esharia and Beleren-, and the mayor of the town, but also The head of the local mageguard and the head of the City's Mage tower.


Thick walls surround the city from other direction than the north, where the high mountainside blocks the invaders easily.


When people began to mine for minerals, a small mining village was born just outside the mine. During the years the village grew bigger as more people started to come in and the mining town flourished. To protect the important mines a fortress was built and eventually a city formed around it, as the fear of Aberronian invaders grew deeper and people searched for safety from the sturdy stone walls. When centuries later Aberronia and Kastradal made piece, the fortress was refurbished as a castle. Even today, despite the fact that the mines have been depleted decades ago and there no longer is a threat from the West, Esharia Beleren remains as an important city, mainly due busy trade routes passing through it.


The city is located on the mountainside. It serves as a perfect lookout spot to the plains and forests that surround it.

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