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Sphyas Hill

Sphyas Hill is a pleasure district in the city of Asrila, capital of Garyiala. It is known for its outstanding entertainment and spectacular lights.

Exciting Entertainment

Developing Night Life

Even though sun crystals bring safety at night, night life has never really been part of a Garyialan's daily schedule. Of course people visit the local tavern or spend an evening with a friend, but a 'night out' was only something for the wealthy who had plenty of time and could afford to wear sun crystals as accessories. However, urbanisation and improvements in transportation has caused great changes for the middle class, as they are now also able to enjoy the pleasures of Sphyas Hill.

Types of Entertainment

The district is home to several theatres, dance halls, galleries and restaurants. Most famous are the Grand River Royal Theatre, Crescent Moon Hall and White Orchid, a most prestigious restaurant. The Grand River Royal Theatre, situated in the centre square of Sphyas Hill, has been around for many years already and has housed the most famous shows from Garyiala and abroad.
During the day, Sphyas Hill provides equal entertainment, for street performers have also made it their home, and smaller businesses not able to compete at night open their doors for the few people who rather stay home during the dark of night.

District of Stars

Sixteen years ago, for the grand opening of the Prince of Krosesh, Mallan Cicel, a mage and connoisseur of the creative arts, was hired for a secret project. Usually, an hour before nightfall, gas lanterns are lit, to ensure the darkness is always kept at bay. On the night of the grand opening of the Prince of Krosesh, this was not the case. The sun started to sink low and people were huddled outside, because for some reason the Grand River Royal Theatre's doors were still closed. People were starting to get anxious.
Just when people were about to leave, thinking the doors would never open, the show started. It started in the dark open air with soft music and a single dancer on the balcony of the theatre building, illuminated by a soft glowing light. Soon, more lights appeared, illuminating more dancers on pedestles around the theatre square. The lights grew brighter and dimmer and slowly changed colours. Never before had anybody witnessed anything like it.

It reminded me of the mines. We had some of those floating blops mages make to create light.
— Retired miner

After the show, the lights stayed and have since become the signature of Sphyas Hill, hence its nickname District of Stars. Mallan Cicel has made it his life's work to perfect the art of mystical light creation. He has worked on several projects since the opening of the Prince of Krosesh, like the 50th birthday celebration of the Empress. Rumour has it he is working on something even bigger, something of unimaginable scale.
Alternative Name(s)
District of Stars


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