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The great city of Asrila is the capital of the Garyialan Empire. Located where the Lewin River meets the Gar River, the economic and strategic importance of the city has always been great. Currently, it is the largest city in Garyiala and still growing. In the past decades many people have relocated from rural areas to the city, even resulting in the city expanding beyond its protective walls.

Seat of power

For many centuries, since the rule of Emperor Orrend of the Aldria dynasty, who moved the capital from Baslin to Asrila in 1457 SD, the seat of government has been located in Asrila. The monarchs of Garyiala lived and ruled for many years from Castle Zelligar, a grand castle located on a small hill where the rivers Lewin and Gar meet. It was Empress Dahara who moved the royal residence to Esterside Palace in 2106, for a little more privacy. Today, the castle is the place where the House of Parliament meets.

Important port city

Asrila Harbour, located in the eastern side of the city, is the largest inland port of Garyiala. Both rivers flow rather mildly in this region of the country, making it easy for boats to move up and down to cities such as Baslin, Hatfield and Derport. Today, Asrila maintains an important role in transport routes on both rivers. More so, the importance of the harbour has increased in recent decades as a result of expanding mechanised manufacturing.

Centre of entertainment

Even though nightlife has never been an important part of Garyiala’s culture, as most people fearing the night, entertainment has never been short. Especially for the rich and wealthy. Many theatres and galleries can be found throughout Asrila. The increasing population in combination with improvement of transportation and other scientific innovations, has resulted in increasing leisure possibilities for the middle class.
The most famous leisure district in Asrila is the District of Stars, or Sphyas Hill. The district is home to several famous theatres, dance halls, galleries and restaurants, which are open for people to enjoy at night. During the day, street performers can be found on the streets and square, and small businesses not able to compete at night open their doors for the few people who still fear the night.
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