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City of Sende (Sen-day)

Nestled in the branches of one of the few World Trees to grace the face of Draconia, the City of Sende is home to over a million Allyriposa, Gnomes, Nisslings and Dragons.

Living in an almost Utopic environment, the denizens of Sende have little need for military, police, or a criminal justice system and though there is a Sheriff's Department, the Sheriff, Velmara Lonni-Trevor, and her 2500 Deputies, spend most of their time doing public services, like rescuing pets, breaking up fights, escorting drunk citizens home, and dealing with truancy.

Of the 1.2 million people living in Sende, 1% or 12,000 of them are dragons, and of them 75%, or 9,000, are Fairy Dragons, so as one could expect, serious "trouble" will befall anyone who disturbs the peace in Sende.

For the most part, Sende is the perfect place to go if you just want to forget your troubles for a while, a fact that His Imperial Majesty never forgets, and he spends at least 1 month there, yearly.


70% Allyriposa
20% Gnome
06% Nissling, Draconian
03% Other Allyri
0.75% Fairy Dragons
0.25% Other Dragons


The governance of Sende is done, officially by the Duke or Duchess of Sende, but in reality, all matters affecting Sende are resolved by concensus. Each matter is posted in the neighbourhood squares affected by the matter, and a set amount of time is allowed for voting. Once that time is up, the votes are tallied, and concensus rules. In the event of a tie, or at least a "statistical tie", will be broken by the vote of the Duchess, who is otherwise neutral.


The city has countless gnomish wonders, such as elevators and escalators, tramways and flying taxis. Water is piped all over the city and full gardens and parks (complete with trees of their own) are nestled in the branches of this incredible...oak? Toilets compost and engineers from the Sanitation Management Division, keep them clean and composting.
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