Seen as the capital of Moonpool Isle, this city is a pirate hotspot. During the first until the third age, the settlement was a small Malen village by the same name. But after Shuray Oát Turfan rose to prominence, the village grew into one of the biggest free cities in the golden sea.  


Qurmaan has been settled for almost as long as the Wood-Malen have been in Mithra. But even before that, people lived here. The settlement is built on the ruins of an ancient civilization. Big stone temples still stand where they did millennia ago. Shuray Oát Turfan was the first to see the potential in the natural harbor of the settlement. She first found it when hiding from a Cairnice fleet she had pissed off. She instantly saw the potential, and as her power and influence grew, so did the village. It soon turned into a thriving city. But without a governing body. This isn't a problem per see, but it does make for an interesting city in which the Brokers and crime-lords rule.    


The ancient temples and weird stone cavern streets, paired with the ragtag wooden shacks and houses make for a funny sight. The city is a mess of all sorts of different architecture and weird-looking buildings. The streets, especially around the harbor, are riddled with brothels, bars, and pleasure palaces. Taverns and drug dealers can be found on every street. and there are plenty of fighting pits where slaves and free men and mal fight it out.

Cover image: by Pimenefusarund


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