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Un Sidiesba

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A bustling port town in northeastern Leokolriz, widely known for providing all sorts of entertainment.


Large parts of the population were rather wealthy, due to Un Sidiesba being a major trade hub in western Leokolriz. Additionally, the city attracted countless artists seeking both inspiration and a generous audience.

Industry & Trade

The port was a major trade hub for the export of commodities such as Leokolin Silk, fish and crustaceans from the Zugnur Sea or fruit and vegetable products from its oasis regions. As for import, foods, ores and artisanal work from the Zugderi Sea region were highly sought-after.


Countless piers and warehouses were located along the eastern banks of the Leomitelki River. The upper city was embedded in the lush oasis jungle, combining the beautiful scenery with luxurious villas and recreational places such as parks, theaters or casinos. Other famous venues were the piklisemi, buildings where people went to enjoy delicacies and exotic drinks while listening to music and watching dancers, jugglers or other performers.


Records of that port city go back to about 3300 NZR. At that time, it was still known under the name "Un Litiezpo". In 2761 NZR, after the region fell under the control of Leokolriz, the partially destroyed city was rebuilt with the name "Un Sidiesba".   Thanks to the Leomitelki River facilitating trade with the northwest of Mustik Hamesi, Un Sitiesba quickly became a major trade hub. By around 1460 NZR, it was unrivaled within Leokolriz and had even outgrown the capital city further south.   In the spring of 2 NZR, the city was largely destroyed in a bombardment by the Ran-E-Zu Confederation. The survivors of that attack soon abandoned the settlement altogether.   After the Final War, the Rilsu later built a new city on its ruins that became known as Zakidisba.


Droves of people from all around the Zugnur sea used to come to this place in order to bask in its atmosphere. Many traders or politicians combined business visits with enjoying the various culinary or cultural attractions. It was an unwritten rule that people would not leave without attending a theater performance or spending a night at one of the piklisemi, preferably both.
Southeastern Ralenlos Mountains

2 NZR, Kolkanoma 26

Founding Date
~ 3300 NZR
Large city
Owning Organization

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Author's Notes

And here is the pleasure town where Ezi Airu used to live and love. What do you think of it?

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Sage Dylonishere123
R. Dylon Elder
11 Aug, 2021 18:39

Oooo awesome article here. I like that its jot just about what you'd expect, given the prompt. The inclusion of culinary indulgence is definitely one I hadn't seen much. This has an almost Vegas like vibe, and I'm kinda to it. Well done! Sad day that got destroyed though.

12 Aug, 2021 10:51

Thank you very much, I'm happy that you like it! ^^ Yeah, the Final War destroyed an awful lot of their cultural heritage - however, chances are that the Rilsu drew some inspiration from this settlement when they reclaimed the ruins.

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