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A former nation to the north-east of the Zugnur Sea.


Ancient History

The Leokola used to control large parts of the fertile lands between the Zugnur Sea and the Arotunon Wasteland. They were among the oldest nations on Ranul, and it is likely that most of the early settlers near the Zugderi Sea were of Leokola origin.

The First Civilization

Leokolriz remained neutral for most of the conflict-ridden history between the Rilanga Union and the Ran-E-Zu Confederation. In 18 NZR their government entered an alliance with the former which lead to an influx of wealthy Rilanga immigrants, often scientists establishing transnational research institutes or creatives seeking out new audiences for their art.

The Final War

By the second half of the Final War, Leokolriz had gained in strategical relevance due to the Ran-E-Zu forces approaching across the Arotunon Wasteland. Consequently, large parts of the Rilanga military were stationed in these lands to secure the border. This, however, also made Leokolriz a target for weapons of mass destruction, and most of its population centers were destroyed in the wave of attacks that concluded the Final War.


When the survivors eventually returned to the seas, the former territory of Leokolriz was selected for the capital city Tundu-Iv, due to its central location between the territories of the former superpowers.
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