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The language which used to be spoken in the nation of Leokolriz before the Final War.


Ancestral Language

The Leokola used to live northeast of the Zugnur Sea and were among the oldest nations on Ranul. Consequently, Leokolin was one of the languages which early settlers brought to the Zugderi Sea. Many words of Rilangun and even Zuni can therefore be traced back to it.


As the Rilanga Union grew in power, Rilangun became the primary trade language around the western seas on Mustik Hamesi. Over the ages, it saw a steady increase in use for commercial documents, scientific literature and works of artistic or entertainment nature. Due to its importance, more and more people in Leokolriz grew up bilingual, and being fluent in Rilangun became an indicator for high education.   When their government decided to enter an alliance with the Rilanga Union in 18 NZR, use of Leokolin began to decline significantly. By the end of the war, it was mostly spoken by working class people who stayed in the cities while the elites retreated to the shelters. The fact that most of those elites were actually Rilanga immigrants meant that barely any native speakers of Leokolin survived the final wave of attacks.
Successor Languages
Spoken by

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Author's Notes

I didn't want to flesh out Nuorian for this prompt because that felt a bit like cheating. Also it's more likely that I need the Leokolin background for the Op Family because that nation is where they have been living for years. Still, I don't have many ideas for the language itself at the moment. I might add more details later when I know more about the Leokola culture.

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