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Brach is a city, based in a massive ocean citadel. It's known for being a place where anything and everything goes, as long as it follows one central tenet: "Harm no one, hurt no more." Any vice or pleasure can be found in the city from brothels to gambling houses to fighting arenas. Each is governed by a trade syndicate that operates through a system of sortition and direct democracy.


The government of Brach is made up of sortition elected heads of syndicates that serve their respective organization for a six-month period. Decisions in the city are made through a direct democratic vote, with each resident making up a single vote.


The city is surrounded by ocean and it's said that the waters are only passable by those who bear no ill-will towards the city or its residents.

Industry & Trade

Pleasure and good times are the only things exclusively made in the city. Residents work all sorts of jobs, as escorts, game runners, healers, trip facilitators, and more. Each citizen works a week-long rotation managing city infrastructure, like trash collection, food growth, or infrastructure repair.


The citadel is built on an island, a gleaming iridescent marble building rising high above the waves. The structure was built by Lud, the god of good times.


The city runs on a purely gift-based economy, with no concept of money or exchange. Gambling is done with whatever you can wager - often favors or information. Because of this, the city doesn't have much in the way of material assets.


The citadel has stood for as long as anyone can remember, the palace of Lud. As more followers came to follow the god, the city grew around the ideals of the "sacred economy" and good times.


People from all around Othu come to Brach, seeking a place to find themselves or have a good time. Only those that come with good intentions are allowed to enter the city.
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Owning Organization

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