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Maso Crossroads

The Maso Crossroads is a loosely organized village focused on providing the amenities that are frowned upon (though used) by high society. The Maso Grand Inn is the largest establishment and commanding the highest prices for food, drink, and lodging. Other smaller inns and taverns exist to offer some additional services not officially part of the crossroads that some customers demand, although the strict policies enforced by Helena "Slany Pes" Kratky result in significant turnover and common closures of these more seedy establishments.


Helena "Slany Pes" Kratky runs the day to day operations of the crossroads.  She maintains a strict set of policies eschewing violence, outright thievery, and prostitution.

Industry & Trade

Gambling and theater performances are the primary industries. Hospitality for traveling merchants is a secondary industry, but still focused on all visitors to the casinos and theaters.


Roads, bridges, aqueducts, and sewer system to support this growing establishment of inns, taverns, theaters, and casinos.


The Maso Theater has established a reputation for attracting the finest performance entertainment from monthly long runs of plays to one-night stands of touring performers.  The theater itself is built inside the Maso Grand Inn and its only entrances pass through it's casino, so those awaiting performances or killing time during performance intermissions can partake in the games of chance offered.


Originally established as a way station for merchants to take respite from road travels, the crossroads grew into a near lawless collection of prostitution and drug dens.  An opportunistic fire, destroying most of the buildings, allowed an opportunity to rebuild the crossroads with a less seedy reputation and has since grown into a vacation destination offering legitimate games of chance and large theater productions.


A vacation destination for high society where they can mingle with more common folk over games of chance and libations.  Attractive to cut-purses, cheats, and con men alike for its target rich environment.


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