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The Maso Grand Inn

Written by Draggin

The Maso Grand Inn is the largest and luxurious establishment located at the center of Maso Crossroads .

Purpose / Function

The Maso Grand Inn is the showpiece resort inn located at the Maso Crossroads .  It has rooms for rent, a casino, an eatery, and a theater.


The lower three floors combine to create the full theater located at the very center and rear of the structure. To the right is a guest services center for assisting arriving and departing guests. To the left is an eatery serving and preparing meals and drinks for visitors with a significant amount of seating. Beyond the entryway, is the casino, through which every attendee of the theater must pass. Three story grand stairways to the right and left of the entryway, lead up to the upper floors and the guest rooms. Floors 4 and 5 house common privies and the smallest and least expensive rooms. Floor 6 contains semi-common privies and mid-size 2-room suites for guests. Floor 7 contains 4 room luxury suites plus private privies only accessible from within the suite. Beyond the entryway near the back of the casino and the theater are two magical lifts, that can be used to carry guests to the 6th and 7th floors to access the guest rooms. The eatery is two stories tall with a high ceiling. Guest services is a single floor with operations offices and dressing rooms for performers on the second and third floors. An employee/special access stairway exiss behind the guest services counter that leads up the the second and third floors. There are four luxury boxes on each side of the theater facing the stage, accessible from the 3rd floor.   The main floor of the theater can be set in multiple configurations. 1) Raised stage, an orchestra pit, and seating for 150 guests. 2) Raised stage, seating for 60 guests in the orchestra pit, and seating for 150 guests. 3) Raised stage, a dance floor in the orchestra pit, and seating for 180 guests.


The Inn has a double set of double doors for its public entryway.  There are several emergency type of exits directly from the theater, eatery, and each of the upper floors (external to the building) where the rooms for visitors reside.

Sensory & Appearance

The theater is lit magically with various tones used based on the configuration of the room and the state of the room's use. Pre, post, and at intermission the room is brightly lit to allow guests to move throughout the theater freely and acquire their proper seating.  During performances, whether music only or accompanied theater acts, the light can be dimmed down and focused brightly upon the stage usng the contrast to enhance the guest's view as much as possible. Social engagements use various bright, warm, and dim lighting as appropriate during the festivities.

Contents & Furnishings

Luxurious marble floors and fine cloth tapestry in richly died colors highlight the variety of art (paintings and sculptures) that adorn the hallways and corners of this establishment.   Main Floor chairs are well-kept, padded and comfortable used during performances. When chairs are installed in the orchestra pit, extra space is used to present a more luxurious seat, with which comes a premium price. For social engagements, all chairs may be swapped out to accommodate a larger guest count and are simpler in forma and function and not quite as comfortable.  However, considering the nature of such social engagements held here, guests are not expected to remain seated for as long as a duration as they would for a performance.


Upon having stayed at the Draggin Inn, a group of merchants came to the realization that the area had the room and traffic to support a resort operation for not only travelling merchants, but as a destination in its own right.  Grand plans were created to supplant the Draggin Inn (much to the chagrin of the current proprietor), but the concept expanded to include additional infrastructure to fully support a resort.  The plans shifted the centrally located Maso Grand Inn and began to reroute roads through the broader crossroads and isolating the Draggin Inn to the northwest corner of what would become the settlement of the Maso Crossroads. Land was acquired by the merchants to control the supplementary businesses needed to support the resort and the plans included amenities available in most towns, like a blacksmith, butcher shop, bakery, a grain mill, warehouses, and housing development.


It commands the highest prices for food, drink, and lodging and draws the richest (or most indulgent) of the regions inhabitants.
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