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The Draggin Inn

The Draggin Inn is located at the Maso Crossroads, but in the northern section amidst the buildings now used as living quarters for the inhabitants and workers at the various establishments at the crossroads. The Inn itself offers only a dozen small and simple rooms to accommodate those who do not wish the high profile or high bill of staying at the Maso Grand Inn. Most of the time, the rooms lie empty, and the Draggin Inn caters to the workers and support staff of the other establishments of the crossroads through reasonably priced food and drink.

Purpose / Function

Originally the Draggin Inn was the only establishment at the Maso Crossroads. It served as a waypoint to travellers and merchants, but rarely drawing the wealthy clients now served by the Maso Grand Inn. For forty years, it stood alone, offering food, drink, lodging, wainwright shop, and a small stable to weary road travellers. That is until, the plans emerged to create a more robust resort location just a short walk away. Roads were rerouted to better access the location of the Maso Grand Inn and the planned establishments to support a resort destination, in the end almost completely closing off travellers from accessing the Draggin Inn. The Draggin Inn hosts second and third tier performers in headlining evening time slots which can draw larger crowds here, than as opening and background acts at Maso Grand Inn. Many of these performers may have a short matinee performance at the Maso Grand Inn and then performing a longer set at the Draggin Inn in the same evening. The Draggin Inn maintains a symbiotic relationship with the Grand Maso Inn in many respects. It does this through a purchasing collective for grains and vegetables, "ugly produce" that can easily be hidden in soups and stews, buying day old bread, and purchasing lower grade cuts of meat that the Maso Grand Inn doesn't serve. It serves as a secondary bakery and or kitchen during the Maso Grand Inn's peak season. About 75% of the staff at the Maso Grand Inn got started at the Draggin Inn as a cook or server.


The inn was constructed as a single two-story building, with guest rooms and a suite for living quarters on the second floor above the tavern/eating area and the kitchen as a single floor off the back. It didn't take long before the inn was expanded with what was essentially a second building of the same size and built along the side. Guest rooms were doubled to the current number of twelve on the second floor, the apartment suite used by the proprietor was expanded and was moved to be wholly above the new lower floor. The eating area was doubled and moved to the lower floor of the new section and the old section was converted to a common room, where low budget travellers could stay.   This arrangement stood for forty years until the expansion of the Maso Crossroads and the construction of the Maso Grand Inn was completed. With the availability of alternate housing, the need for guest rooms and in particular the common area became moot. The needs of the area for increased permanent housing, led to a community of homes and apartments were built, along with several buildings built as barracks style housing to support the influx of temporary workers to build up the crossroads as a whole. The common room was converted to a secondary dining room/event room used for additional diners and occasionally for special events for the residents who can't afford to hold such events at the Maso Grand Inn.   Three additional stand-alone buildings are now considered part of the Draggin Inn: a dedicated bakery, smokehouse, and warehouse with pre-cook preparation facilities. While structurally sound, due to the development of housing near this inn, expansion of the original inn building was deemed too costly. The facilities within these out buildings are not used full-time year round, and an be shuttered periodically to make them more cost effective.   The original stable and wainwright's shop were demolished and these services are now provided as part of the Maso Grand Inn.
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