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Billiton Kenrick

Billiton Kenrick is the sole proprietor of the The Draggin Inn located at Maso Crossroads .  He employs specialists to manage areas of the Inn, running the operation as an overseer and problem solver to aid those departmental managers and spends most of his time in his office reviewing reports and supply contracts.  He rarely is present during the evening hours, preferring to retire to his home and settle down with a good book.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Billiton arrived at the crossroads as a 10 year old orphan and was apprenticed as a kitchen boy at The Draggin Inn  to earn his keep.  He quickly showed an aptitude for numbers and was then allowed to pursue additional education eventually completing a degree in business management and accountancy from Farafot University . Despite returning to the Draggin Inn to work and pay off his education debt, he was quickly snapped up and employed at the Maso Grand Inn upon its opening.  To secure Billiton's employment, the owners of the Maso Grand Inn "bought out" Billiton's employment at the Draggin inn.  Starting as a money counter and after six months taking charge of all revenue collection.  Within five years Billiton became the Director of Finance overseeing all revenue collection, payroll, supply contract negotiation and payments.With increasing responsibility, Billiton continued to thrive and began to take an interest in the gambling operations at the casino. Not thrilled with the win, but with the mathematics challenges of the games offered and what elements drove players to or away from the various games offered.  He began creating and designing new and creatively attractive games to keep the patrons excited and gambling more thus driving gambling revenues up many fold during his tenure as director.  for this he was handsomely rewarded for both his integrity at managing the finances and the inventive ways of creating revenues through the casino at little to no capital cost. Billiton around his fiftieth birthday, faced multiple challenges.  He lost his wife of over twenty-five years and new ownership of the crossroads and subsequently the inn and casino.  This new ownership restructured his compensation such that he would no longer receive bonuses for his casino game creations and eliminated any bonus compensation based on the financial performance of the operation.  Billiton, who while not a miser, did live modestly and had retained a fairly significant sum and chose to retire early. Soon after his retirement, the Draggin Inn was put up for sale and he knew this was the right challenge for this phase of life.  It has been two years since Billiton took over operation of the Draggin Inn and he has not regretted that change.  Now able for his own establishment he was able to employ many new techniques he developed for rewarding employees, utilizing temporary and transient help at times, and working purchasing and production deals with his former employer.  He now eschews gambling and offers no such services at the Draggin Inn, which helps keep a good working relationship with the Maso Grand Inn. Ownership of the Maso Gran Inn has made multiple offers to Billiton to sell the Draggin Inn, but Billiton has refused them all, stating that he is having too much fun.  In fact, to safeguard the Draggin Inn from a takeover he has established an employee equity plan, to ease any future ownership transfer to a partnership formed by his top department managers.

Personality Characteristics


Throughout his career at the Maso Grand Inn, Billiton was motivated by providing for his family and indulging in the mathematical challenges of creating entertaining and profitable casino games. In this third stage of life, Billiton is motivated by a happy customer base and satisfied workforce.

Virtues & Personality perks

Billiton, after a brief turn at gambling as a patron at the Maso Grand Inn early in his life, he now eschews gambling himself, thought does not censure the activity.


Contacts & Relations

With his wife, he raised two children, both now married with families of their own and having moved away from the crossroads.  They maintain a healthy relationship through correspondence and occasional visits throughout the year.

Wealth & Financial state

Billiton lives simply, though he has amassed enough savings to completely retire and live much more lavishly, he chooses to continue to work and indulge in collecting and reading literature. He does share his wealth with his children and spends a bit lavishly on the grandchildren, but not to an extent that would draw attention to him or his family. He has committed 50% of his estate to Farafot University .
Current Location
short blonde, turning grey
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Pale white
5' 5"
140 lbs
Ruled Locations


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