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Helena "Slany Pes" Kratky

Helena Kratky (a.k.a. Slany Pes, Hella, Victoria Deline)

Helena "Slany Pes" Kratky is a boisterous gambler and former con woman who controls and owns most of the operations at Maso Crossroads through Maso Grand Holdings .

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Helena personally maintains a lean, athletic level of fitness, however she hides this fact under clothing and even makeup to create and appear simpler, common, and less notable to avoid recognition.

Apparel & Accessories

Helena maintains two distinct wardrobes.  One of simple tunic and trousers as the manager of the crossroads.  However, when on leaves from th crossroads, indulges in fashionable clothing and accessories when living/vacationing in Tonoma.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

From toddler through early teens, Helena immersed herself in the traditions of The Sarinet. Learning to play the Clarinet, Saxophone, and Oboe as well as the some of the finer points of reed construction and customization. While not the most gifted players, she did show early promise as a composer. Lured one day by an outsider to reveal a The Sarinet secret technique in reed manufacture, she was cast out of Sarinet society. Having lost nearly all she had known, she found her way to another town and taught herself to pray upon people's good nature to survive. She moved from village to village, putting more and more distance between herself and the The Sarinet , never revealing her origins, and acquiring skills for greater nefarious activities.

Personality Characteristics


Helena is motivated by survival and yet a longing for higher station in society.  She wears two personalities, neither completely true, to attempt to satisfy her society desires, and fund that life, via guile and gambling.

Likes & Dislikes

She eschews physical violence or confrontation wherever possible, employing only such characters and tactics to maintain some semblance of order at the crossroads. Helena loves to indulge in the latest fashions available in Tonoma, but only when living in the city.

Wealth & Financial state

Helena has acquired means to maintain her city residence, unknown to associates and customers, through her current work as the manager of the Maso Crossroads.
Current Location
Helena "Slany Pes" Kratky appears as a woman of approximately 40 years.
Not publicly known, Helena has told various stories of her youth.
Current Residence
Maso Crossroads
Bright green
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Tanned from a life outdoors and on the road.
125 lbs.
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Ruled Locations


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