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The Sarinet

The Sarinet are a group of people, specializing in the manufacture and export of reeds used in woodwind instruments like the clarinet, saxophone, and oboe families. For the most well-known performance specialists, the Sarinet will customize and fine-tune the reeds to the performer's specifications.

Naming Traditions

Family names

Sarinet is the family name of the original makers of fine instrument reeds, but has been lost to time and expansion of the trade, only carrying on as a descriptive name for the peoples dedicated to the production of high quality cane and reed production.


Culture and cultural heritage

Music is a common pastime for the Sarinet. Children as young as three are introduced to their first reed instrument, usually a clarinet. The clarinet is chosen not for an ease of mastery, but for its small stature, ease of handling, and, relative to other reed instruments, light weight.

Shared customary codes and values

For customized orders, the Sarinet expect the return of broken and discarded reeds (as all reeds inevitably fail) to prevent unscrupulous competitors from reverse engineering them.  The returned reeds are always inspected to ensure that they failed due to expected wear and tear and not some failure in the manufacturing or customization process.

Average technological level

While the Sarinet are world-renowned, their technical innovation is limited to their craft. From coaxing the best qualities out of the cane to the finest details of reed production and customization.

Art & Architecture

Musical pursuits range from performance, music scoring and arranging, and instruction focusing on read-based instruments. Visual artistic pursuits center around the use/reuse of scrap cane (and other materials) used in the manufacture of instrument reeds.

Common Customs, traditions and rituals

The processes for creating the Sarinet's high quality reeds is a closely guarded secret.  Outsiders have attempted to infiltrate at all levels of the process (from cane production to the actual making of the reeds) and the Sarinet have become quite adept at sussing out dedicated artisans from those will ill intent.

Coming of Age Rites

By the time a member of the Sarinet reach their majority, they have been introduced to a full family of instruments beyond the initial clarinet and become specialize performers or artisans.


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