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Satura (/Sat-oo-ra/)

On the Eastern Coast of Nakami, there is a large bay where the waves are muted by rocky shallows at the entrance, causing the water to flow gently in short rippling patterns in and out of coastal formation. The gentle waters are easy to swim in, and the inhabitants have long enjoyed easy fishing and pleasant swimming. Artists from Nakami have often come here to be inspired by the views of the sea and the easy-going lifestyle of the inhabitants. As travel between islands became easier to afford, individuals from other nations slowly caught on to the notion of the idyllic ocean town.    

A Retreat from Harsh Years

Especially in the years preceding and succeeding the Wars of the Islands, many individuals from around the world, particularly those who did not wish to become involved in the war, flocked to the small town, inflating its population. Some of these dandies were artists of renown, and the town was quite well defended for a location with little tactical value. The bay is too far for the capital city to have been threatened here, and besides, the forces from Allosia were allied early in the war with the forces of Eastern Nakami. And so, defended too well for anyone to bother trying to take the bay, with the exception of the occasional opportunistic pirate crew, Satura passed through the war largely unharmed.  

A Fall from Grace

As artists flocked en masse to the small town, the easy-going population of older artists and kenku fishermen was quickly overwhelmed by cultures from around the globe. The local authorities were vastly outnumbered by various contingents of hired personal guards, serving the eclectic group of tourists. The meditative traditions of the kenku were respected by some at first, but the visitors believed that they were well within their rights to act as they wished in their own homes, and "as they wished" was very much not in accordance with the modest traditions of the native Saturans.   The culture of the town was quickly subsumed by the growing culture of balls and parties. As the traveling artists, who were already some of the more outgoing and open minded members of their societies, discovered that no one was watching them and that they essentially held all the power, their behaviors slowly warped further and further away from the norm which they had isolated themselves from.   Sexual deviance and experimentation, as well as wild forays into magical illusion slowly turned the peaceful town into a den of what much of polite society would call a disgrace. Of course, when polite society closes its doors and windows and crawls into its beds, the story changes.   "What might I do, were I free to do whatever I please?"  

A Slow Restoration

With the end of the war, the residents of the city have strived to rebuild their peaceful town. With support from the nobles at Nan, the townsfolk are plying ancient land rights to banish the hedonistic permanent tourists. With the mercenaries of the wartimes seeking more lucrative positions, the numbers are less in the newcomers favor, especially with support from the capitol. The Emperor of Nakami agrees that the heritage of the people of Satura must be protected. It is likely this conflict will come to a bloody end, one way or another, in the coming years. For now, though, as tensions grow, the town continues to serve to create memories for visiting artists and rich children of nobles.
Founding Date
approx 500 - 600
Inhabitant Demonym


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