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Plage de Sable

Plage de Sable is a small port town in the Caribbean, and is the unofficial home port of the Narwhal and Sunset Dawn.

The local population lives mostly of fishing and the fact that they are the only town on the island, so all services are there as well. The island does not have an airstrip. But a weekly ferry service touring a whole string of islands keeps them well supplied.

The Pirate crew goes there to rest and have fun. But more importantly, they go there for Armani who runs a small business, upfront he is a regular one in a dozen, ship supply store serving a small marina and the local fishing fleet. But Armani's Warehouse does more than that. He trades all the cargo the pirates bring in, and he can get any supplies they need. But most of all he is a master of information. Armani has cousins everywhere that hear the most interesting things.

After Peter James Jacobson had raced the daughter of the harbourmaster over to the next island with the Narwhal so the doctors there could properly set here broken leg. The pirates never had any dealings with the authorities of Plage de Sable. Actually, they were quite good for the local economics. Doing a lot of business via Armani's Warehouse and the local bars.

Noticable about Plage de Sable is that there are no paved roads anywhere. It's all just sand, or compacted earth. But because of the composition of the earth it hardly dusts at all.

The market square is in the centre of the town. It is located just behind the beach and all facilities are located around it. Only the church and graveyard are situated more inland. Plage de Sable has spread along the beach, making the town wider than it is deep. But it has remained the looks of a small village as the houses are spread out and there are still plenty of trees among them, hiding them from a first glance.

Market is every Thursday, where the farmers from inland come to the town, and most other people as well. Most trading is done in the morning, and in the afternoon the four bars serve all over the square and it's one big party.

"Do not go eat at 'Plage de Sable Restaurant', if you want to eat go to 'He ha Ho'" Aleksey informed Jack
-"Isn't that the place where you can hire the services of a lady?"
"Yes, and those ladies hired themselves the best cook on the Carib. So go there to eat."

The shipyard used by the local population to maintain their fishing boats, and help out the occasional yachts that pulls in with damage. Also served the Narwhal a few times. But it's to small for the Sunset Dawn, who is can just managing to cross the sandbanks in the bay at low tide to reach Plage de Sable.

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Who named the town or when that happened nobody knows. But the locals aren't too unhappy with their French name. It's not untrue, the town is on a sand beach. But all the beaches on their island and most of their neighbours have sand beaches.


  • Harbour
  • Ship yard
  • Armani's Warehouse
  • Harbourmaster office
  • Church with grave yard
  • Doctor's practice
  • Library
  • 1 Supermarket
  • Market square
  • 4 Bars
    • the Bar
    • Drynkz
    • Plage de Sable Restaurant
    • He Ho Ha

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Author's Notes

In response to: Summer Camp 2021, prompt 24: A settlement known as a pleasure town or for louche behaviour.

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