The Dockward is obviously from the name where the city dock's are based, but the dock's are pretty small compare to what you would expect for any good size city. This is because there no commercial side of it, there is a small naval docks and a large fishing fleet. But what it does have is an abundance of Inns, Bars, and Brothels. As well as the rumour home of the Nine Silvers, and definitely the home of the Midnight Lust, which runs multiple brothels across the ward. None of these are unique to the Dockward, but both in number and quality it is unique.  


  The inns and pubs of the Dockward, are considered some of the most luxurious in the entire city. They tend to have a wide range of drinks from across the planes. These bars typically fall into a number of styles, from the well to do places with a view of attracting clients from traders from different planes, to the inns with a rougher and more violent outlook, with fighting pits, gambling and possible the place to find the Nine Silvers.   The Brothels, these are not illegal across the city, it is seen as respectable job, as long as everyone involved agree and are not pressured, minors and slaves can’t be used in brothels. The best are run by the Midnight Lust but these are also the most expensive, and there plenty of small independent women and brothels.   All these businesses pay their taxes and keep their people safe, via doorstaff and other heavies, more than the odd visitor as ended up with a night at the doctors rather than a night of passion and physical activity. Along with these private heavies, Heralds, Gold Buttons and Hellriders are often in and around the district investigating rumours and stories of risks to the city as a whole.


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