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Hawk's Haven

In the oceans south of Orela lie a number of islands, seemingly sprinkled at random. One of these islands, Buschall Cay, is the home of a town known as Hawk's Haven, a lawless port of debauchery, piracy, and bawdy chaos.


The population of Hawk's Haven is a rag-tag group of individuals who exist outside the laws of the civilized world. As such, anyone is allowed to join the town with the chaotic nature of the town, death is common and so the demographics of the settlement change regularly.


An anarchist collective, there is no true government or leadership in the town. Those who would seek to impose their will on the town soon find themselves on the receiving end of a short rope.


The town's primary defense is its location inside the reef. With one way in and out of the lagoon, a battery of ballistae and catapults sit overlooking the channel, capable of striking any vessel that enters or anchors in the lagoon.

Industry & Trade

Hawk's Haven is known as a free trade port, so many vessels with cargo will make stops there. In addition, pirates frequently call Hawk's Haven their homeport, berthing at the docks or anchoring in the lagoon. The illicit trade of plundered goods brings a great deal of money through Hawk's Haven.


A large windmill sits atop the hill called Windward Ridge southeast of the lagoon, connected to a mill that provides most of the town's grain. A series of walkways connect the homes and buildings, randomly put together as need dictates.


While various storehouses exist for materials brought in and out of the town, the only warehouse operated for the community as a whole is the grain stores atop Windward Ridge.   A number of entrepreneurs have established taverns, brothels, and hostels near the docks catering to the mariners who frequent the port.


Named for the pirate captain Weaver "Hawk" Hawkeridge who based his operations on the island, the town sprang up out of the crew's desire to have a home on the shore. Before long, Hawkeridge saw himself as something of a pirate lord, attracting a number of other ships using his charisma and the island's safe location.   While Hawkeridge was murdered in 1543, the town continued to grow as other pirates continued to ply their trade from the island.


While the island is predominantly visited by pirates and outlaws, select merchant vessels who have goods considered contraband in lawful ports will visit in order to offload their goods. The town also has a certain attraction to chaotic-minded individuals, many of whom have come to call Hawk's Haven home.


The town is made of bamboo and palm wood, constructed atop stilt platforms over the lagoon and connected by wooden walkways. The only stone architecture in the town is the grain storehouse atop Windward Ridge and the battlements overlooking the channel into the lagoon.


Situated above a natural lagoon on the northern side of Buschall Cay, below a steep hill to the southeast known as Windward Ridge.   Freshwater streams run from the slopes of the central mountain on the island, several of which have been dammed and collected as reservoirs.
Founding Date
Alternative Name(s)
Pirate Island
Hawke's Island
Inhabitant Demonym
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Hawk's Haven Chaotic Neutral Small Town
Corruption: 4
Crime: 6
Economy: -3
Law: -7
Lore: 1
Society: -4
Qualities: Notorious, Strategic Location
Disadvantages: Anarchy
Danger: 30
Government: Anarchy
Population: 450
Base Value: 1,400
Purchase Limit: 7,500
Spellcasting: 4th
Minor Items
Medium Items
Major Items


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