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Weaver Hawkeridge (wee-vr haak-rij)

Commodore Weaver Hawkeridge (a.k.a. Hawk)

Weaver "Hawk" Hawkeridge was a pirate captain who lived from 1515-1542. He was famous for predations of shipping lanes along the Spice Coast of Falcrest and the Emerald Coast of Fieren.

Physical Description

Apparel & Accessories

While Weaver's apparel changed based on his mood and the season, his most recognized accessory is his pet osprey, a seahawk named "Aurora."

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Born the third son of the Hawkeridge Family of Kingdom of Havenwood, Weaver was never set for a life of luxury.   At the age of 13, he ran away from his family's estate, sneaking aboard a ship berthed in the harbor. When he was discovered, instead of throwing him overboard or offloading him at the first port, the Captain sat him down and worked the truth out of him and set him to work. Learning his way around a ship, Weaver made his way up the ranks quickly, earning a place as the second mate within six months.   Weaver saw his opportunity stifled, he started searching for new ships in every port, jumping between them to earn higher ranks or higher pay, but he always found himself bound by the Captain's laws, or the Flag laws of the port they had departed, and that chafed him to no end.   Finally, on his fifteenth birthday, he worked with members of the crew that he had persuaded to join him as the first mate and commandeered the ship while it was anchored and the Captain was in port. By the time the Captain had realized what had happened, his ship was at full sail and nearing the horizon, less than a third of his crew sitting pier side, bound and groggy, wondering what happened.   Working up and down the coast, Weaver made a name for himself as a savvy pirate capable of seizing upon ships switch startling speed and stealth, familiar with the waters of the merchant lanes and the shoals alike, disappearing over the horizon, and unable to be found by the Crown Navy of Falcrest.   In reality, Hawkeridge had discovered Buschall Cay, and had based his operations out of the island's sheltered lagoon, eventually forming Hawk's Haven and attracting more pirates to his flag. No matter what the Navies of Falcrest and Fieren did, he and his fleet managed to avoid all the traps set for him.   Life as a pirate commodore was good, but all things have to come to an end. In the end, it wasn't a Naval blockade or trap that caught him, but instead a random act of the chaotic port he'd established. Seized upon by a drunk one night heading to his ship from the hall he had in Hawk's Haven, he managed to dispatch the assailant, but not before taking a knife to the kidney and stomach, and he was dead before he could find a healer.
Chaotic Evil
Date of Birth
13 Corcoran 1515
Date of Death
22 Summerdown 1542
1515 CE 1542 CE 27 years old
Circumstances of Death
Murdered in 1543 CE by a drunk
Light Blue
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
6'2" (22.5 m)
134 lbs (60.78 kg)

Character Portrait image: Weaver Hawkeridge


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