A lawless pleasure town

Seahaven? Aye, I've been there. You'll never have a better night out. But Lords help you if you cross the wrong man, because the people around you certainly won't.
— A sailor
  Located on the island of Solitude off the northern coast of Serukis, Seahaven is a port town with no official governance. The sea surrounding the island is rather rocky and treacherous, making it difficult to reach without some level of skill at sailing. Its isolated and dangerous nature has made it a rather attractive retreat for pirates, smugglers, and other people who find themselves on the wrong side of the law.
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  Of course, it is not just criminals that make their home in Seahaven, because there is money to be made from those who have spent a while at sea. Alongside the usual places where people can resupply, Seahaven has more than its fair share of taverns, brothels, and gambling halls. If you know where to look, there are even a couple of places where illegal substances can be purchased. Each of these places employs private mercenaries to protect their interests, as Seahaven itself has no local guard or militia. Due to this, it has a reputation amongst people looking for a good time; it is not uncommon to find people wandering around completely drunk during the middle of the day.

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