Oraiana - the Forgotten Valley

Only after Laars had died did I see the blood - my own blood, soaking through my clothes. I was alone, far from even an Eledhrim settlement. And as I folded up into the dirt I had one thought - I will die here, far from home...
Later, much later, opened my eyes again, and thought I had died. This valley, this small dimple, was a perfect land. I had gone to sleep in hell, and woken up in paradise.
    The village of Oraiana is tucked into a secluded, almost compeltely closed valley deep in the Nyrian jungle. The settlement itself hangs largely above the jungle floor, and homes a a series on connected rooms, each one woven from vines.  

The way of life in Oriana

Since no natural predators roam the forgotten valley, the people of Oraiana have become peaceful, and almost entirely abandoned war-like ways. Food and water here is abundant and the rocks of the mountains protect against Achelois / Verda's spores, preventing any of the horrific mutations which plague the rest of the Nyrain Jungle.  

A Pleasure Village

With so little time spent hunter-gathering, the people of Oraiana instead turn their focus onto the pursuit of happiness. This takes several forms.   

Art and Creativity

Self-expression and creativity is very important to the people of Oraiana. Arts particularly practices are ceramics (with clay from the bed of the river), wood carving and music.    

Carnal Pleasure

Orgies and carnal parties are very common in Oraiana - it is considered the way that the community can become one and grow together. Etiquette surrounding request and refusal is complex and steeped in etiquette, with signals conveyed through expression and body language.  

Gardening and Communion with Nature

Even in an Eden, there is the desire to create symmetrical beauty, and to nurture what is good. The people of Oraiana devote time and energy to making their homes beautiful and to creating gardens on the valley floor. Recent efforts have even involved small water features like ponds and irrigation channels.
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