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Glimmermist Springs

The Trundler Depot is the passing-through point for Vien. It's a long tunnel which bisects the mountain range, and whose walls are ornamented in a maze of stairs and walkways up and down to the various levels of Vien. Down one of these tunnels, lies Glimmermist Springs.

I'm not sure if Glimmermist is even real, but I've heard they have running water and hot springs. Lucky bastards.

— A Karimi Man

The Glimmermist Springs are hot springs found towards the bottom of the Vien mines. Passage in and out is extremely deadly, but trained sherpas and hard grit grant a fighting chance of survival.

In the springs, a small city of Vieni people remain. The city above and around them may be haunted by abominations, but those selfsame monsters also buffer them against invaders. Here, they live off of the relative plenty of the ruins, hostile to outsiders and awaiting a day they can build passage to Vien and return to space to meet the rest of the Banners.

Most cities do not trust Glimmermist, and believe them to be standing on immense caches of food and weaponry that could be used to help everyone rather than just themselves.


Hot Springs

Sore bodies and tired minds will find great respite in these bubbling, lime-colored waters. They're said to scrub away the years, leaving the body youthful and healthy.


A recessed building with one entrance and exit. This fortress is replete with old-world weaponry: guns and the like.


Barely functional, but functional. The hydroponics feeds off of the artificial sunlight of the lanterns over the top fo the springs.

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