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This settlement is a bit untraditional in its approach. Essentially there are two separate but cohabitating forms of government. The first form of the government is the "state government." Installed by the ruling Empire this government acts as a small town government upholding the rules of the Empire and defending the settlement. Then there is the "civilian government" consisting of the people who made up the cultural norms prior to the settlement. They deal with cultural issues such as holiday observations and workers complaints. It boils down to the state government protects the town and keeps order and the Civilian government keeps the population happy and productive.


The settlement was founded during the expansion of the Holy Empire into the eastern territory. This location was chosen for a settlement for its close proximity to fresh water, and game provided by a nearby dense forrest. As the settlement began to grow a nomadic tribe returned to the land and laid claim to the area, having spiritual attachment to the land. Originally conflict broke out between these two group and the nomads were captured and in some circumstances taken as slaves. Over the years after this original conflict the area began to loose fertility and local wildlife became incredibly hostile. Through negotiations the nomadic people were freed and given a certain amount of power. Eventually the land returned to what it once was and the settlement settled into a peace that is still in place today.


Concecrove is a high tourist area. Its main appeal is the pleasure driven culture. There are numerous art centers, pleasure houses and drinking establishments. The only thing preventing it from becoming a mohair city is its relative difficulty to get to and the surrounding geography that makes expansion difficult. The main tourist attraction is a yearly ritual "Envitalus" which is dedicated to breathing life and magic into the local forrest. The ritual has there major facets that involve cultivation and farming of local growths, purification of local waterways, and the most popular: a sexual exchange in the forrest. This ritual is highly anticipated by those in magical circles, as there is a physical exchange of magic that a caster may benefit from for months after the ritual.
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Approximately 3,000 people
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