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Apror Bay

Found on the shore of the Eastern Karnak Sea in the Kauan State of Cochocton is the city of Apror Bay. The city is known as a resort playground for the rich citizens of the Eastern Karnak Sea region, with expansive beaches, watersports, restaurants, sports clubs, and casinos. Situated near the equator the city has year-round tropical weather, hundreds of up-market holiday resorts, health spas, Private estates, and stable weather that allows outdoor activities all year round. This provides the city with continuous holidaymakers throughout the year and a thriving economy off the tourist business.   The city is also known for its vice where the police often can turn a blind eye to the petty corruption and graft of the city. This is not to say that it is unsafe for it is not. The city is a very safe place for visitors to visit however there is little effect to tackle overpricing or casino scams that make the city famous in the region.    There are a few must-do things when visiting the area that most tourists will want to do. There is the famous "Seven Bays" walk that most people do on horseback, visiting the most beautiful small secluded bays in the resort area of town. There is the "Rapid Run", which takes participants down the Stev Rapids, in the heart of town, in canoes. There is a "Sunset viewing" from a sandbar in the middle of Carey Bay. Often the day will end up at one of the many fine waterside restaurants where local seafood and wine from the Mountains of Krillion will be served in private pagodas.    For the extremely wealthy the practice of hosting private dinners on barges at the foot of the Stev Rapids is the preference. These barges can host up to 80 guests and associated staff and are decked out in the finest designs. They are so popular that one often needs to reserve the barge months in advance. They are access by private boats that ferry the people from the shoreline onto the private barges.
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