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Kusemvé is a large city in one of the kingdoms of the Bailsäran Empire. The citizens of Bailsär called it the art capital of Kithaen.

The Districts

The city is divided into five districts. The districts, with the exception of the Civil District, are dedicated to a style of art.

The districts are separated into various wards. There is at least one residential ward in the districts.

Civil District

This district is home to Kusemvé's administration offices and court houses. Only the oldest noble families have houses or estates in this district and it is a point of pride among them.

Both the viceroy's office and estate are in located here.

Fashion District

Fabric weavers, tailors, milliners, and jewelers inhabit the Fashion District. Each year, during the spring, the district puts on a district-wide fashion show to showcase clothing and accessories made during the winter months.

Gallery District

Painters, sculptors, other crafters and their galleries dominate the Gallery District. The apartments in the residential wards are more likely to include small studios for budding artists to use.

Library District

The Library District is home to several libraries and bookstores. Many of the bookstores here offer book binding services as well. There are also a couple of book publishing houses and a few newspaper offices.

Some of the cafés offer specialty rooms for writers to work in. These rooms may offer small reference libraries, quiet spaces, musicians performing calming music, or even services to ensure that the customer's teacups don't stay empty for long.

Theatre District

Seventeen different performing arts theatres are located in the Theater district. The inns and taverns in this district are known to have slightly larger stages in order to encourage amature performers to showcase their talents.

Despite not being its own district, the Danz Ward, is often referred to as the Red Lantern District. Most of the city's brothels, escorts, and sensual dancers operate out of this ward.

Alternative Name(s)
Bailsär's Jewel
Large city

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