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  A small town in the northern section of the The Shattered Collective (Region) known for its fantastic hot springs and hospitality industry. Travelers come from all over Omnusat Island in order to rest, relax, and reuvenate their weary bodies and minds. Geothermal vents and natural mineral springs in the area make for a winning combination.   There are three resorts set up in the town, each with something different to offer perspective travelers.  

The New Moon

  The New Moon is a small establishment which offers a more personal feel to your stay. There are enough rooms for a good-sized party but not so many that you are lost among a sea of other guests. The rooms are clean, the staff is prompt and polite. It's a wonderful little place.   Owned and operated by Madame Howler - This natural werewolf is more than capable of handling any rowdy or out of control guests herself. Her staff range from 'normal' humans, demi-humans, and other more interesting folks: she is a non-discriminatory employer.  

Redeemer's Respite

  Redeemer's Respite is a large inn housing its own private hot springs complex, and offers a variety of diferrent packages for guests from the respectable but reasonably priced 'Silver' tier to the more expensive by very inclusive 'Gold' tier, the fanciest package is of course 'Platinum', where the staff goes out of their way to provide a truly stellar experience. Also attached to the hotel is a large meeting hall which can be booked and used for any number of purposes: Wedding, Business Convention, Black Market, whatever your needs happen to be.   Owned and operated by a 'Retired Crusader', magic is not dead in these halls even now.  

Pearls Palace

  Pearls Palace is a quiet little place which offers a truly sparkling experience. Their motto is "We'll treat you like the king you wish to be", and they offer a wide variety of services to suit the whim of any guests staying within. Each suite offers complete privacy and security, so you can relax and be yourself.   Owned and operated by Pearl Demure - An advanced Doppleganger and her family, anything a guests desires is truly within reach: at Pearls Palace.

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