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Blue Anvil Isle

Come to the Most Beautiful Island. Where you can create your dreams and fantasy and make them become reality. We are here to take care of all of your needs, from your most primal desires to your unknown inclinations.  You can spend your time exploring everything from our tallest peaks to our lush beaches.  Here at Blue Anvil, we are here to give you a relaxing and pleasureable experience and to pamper you to your heart's fancy.  You may come to our island feeling down by the world but you will leave feeling relaxed and satisfied.


They are in the realm of the Republic of Aerohallow but they have their own mayor and follows their own set of laws. The Island has its own law enforcement to patrol the island by land and sea.


  • The Blue Door - an Adult Store that is the place to go to open your innermost desires
  • Port Hole - Art Museum created by world-renowned artists from all over the world. 
  • The Hoggies and creme - Sandwich and Ice Cream Shop
  • The Expert Hourglass - Bookstore selling all genres of books, mostly romance. authors are from all around the world and a few written but guests. 
  • Great Banana store - An adult store specializing in everything for you or your partners banana 
  • Dress to Impress - Fabric Store
  • The No Panic Button - Customizable toys that can be used in or out of bed
  • Secret Pleasures - An Adult Store specializing in everything to tame anyone's inner feline
  • The Unicorn's Horn - Holistic Medical needs, does custom blends
  • The Jester's Staff - an inclosed Ampatheater
  • The Twisting Nether - Dance Club and bar
  • the Double Coconut - Bar is located on the Beach near a coconut grove
  • Cloudy Cafe - Cakes in any shape or flavor,
  • The Oak and Sinew - a steakhouse
  • Three-way Casting - Magical items and holds classes to teach guests how to cast a spell that will give you and your partner a great time
  • the Risen Phenoix - a Beach Resort, including a water park, outdoor sports area, and their main event the Steam Cannons (exclusively found at this resort)  where steam power is used to shoot you into the air and you land in the ocean. 


It is a high tourist spot. It is one of the world's most be traveled locations.  Boats frequent the Island Daily and people can choose to stay for only a few days or stay on the island for an extended stay. Please spend your time doing many things from staying on the beach relaxing to exploring the island.
Around 500 or so with lot of visitor

Cover image: by Marc Zipper (Valcin)


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