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Paramour Passageway

The neon lights of Vidavue are always dazzling. It seems like as you step into a certain alley there's a switch that's flipped, and all of the neon and LED seem to take on a warmer tone. Gone are the dazzling blues and greens, and now magenta and deep crimson shine onto the damp cement. There's a different atmosphere here; it's still carefree, but theres a little less clothing on some of the people you walk by.


The Paramour Passageway is a section of Vidavue where many tourists and locals go to have fun if the casinos and racetracks don't appeal to them. Filled with bars, massage parlors and anything else the mind can imagine, the Paramour Passageway is considered a section of Vidavue with loose morals and risky behaviour, more-so than the main parts of the city.


If one wasn't paying attention, it would be difficult to notice the change from the regular streets of Vidavue to the Paramour Passageways--Other than a subtle shift in lighting and business, most things are well maintained and taken care of. Not to say that there isn't rundown buildings! All cities have their slums and rough areas...

Common Buildings and Businesses

Massage Parlors

Sometimes fronts for more lewd businesses, Paramour Passageway is home to just as many legitimate massage parlors. Considered a low-volume and stress business, they're known to help your cares and stress melt away!

By regular means or otherwise.

Strip Clubs & Bars

Their energy is just as comparable to the non-lewd sections of Vidavue. Heavy thumping music and bright flashing lights, this is a way to bring the party to another, more intimate level. Dancers of all sorts in...all sorts of revealing clothes dance to the beat and bring drinks. If one is polite enough, perhaps they'll spend time with you.
Alternative Name(s)
Red-light Port District, Red-light Alley
Location under
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